Where's My Water?

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Where's My Water?

Is anyone playing Disney's hit game 'Where's My Water'? From what I understand it's doing fantastic, but I still haven't downloaded Swampy and friends. What's the game about? How do you play? Is it fun?

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I just recently downloaded it. Its pretty amusing...Some levels are pretty complicated though. Nice to keep ya entertained though Smile

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Here's a little write up with links that I found about it. If I have extra time today, I'll give it a try!


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I love it! I got the free version for the iphone and I play it all the time. Lots of fun, cute animation, fun game.

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I'm a big fan of this game! Everyone in my family plays it!

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They offered it for free recently, so I downloaded it on IPhone & Ipad, but it kept getting stuck....Don't know if it's because it was the free version or not? I deleted them.