Which "Land" do you hit first when you enter the Magic Kingdom?

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Which "Land" do you hit first when you enter the Magic Kingdom?

We usually go left to Adventureland and get to "Pirates of the Caribbean" first thing. Seems less crowded first thing in the morning than Fantasyland or Tomorrowland.

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Most of the time I do Adventureland first as well.
However the past couple of years every trip has been a little different.

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Tomorrowland. We either start with Buzz Lightyear or get a Buzz FastPass and kill time at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. Then we head over to Fantasyland and continue around the park counterclockwise. Eventually we return to Tomorrowland, get another Buzz FastPass, and hit the attractions we missed in the morning.

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Depends on what time we're getting there. If it's first thing in the morning we do Tomorrowland first to hit Space Mountain, Monsters Inc, and Buzz before the lines get too long. If we're there in the afternoon/evening we do Adventureland first.

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Usually adventureland


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Usually Tomorrowland

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Fantasyland, to get a fastpass for Peter Pan! Nothing quite tells me I have arrived at the magic better than seeing Small World, Peter Pan, and that Carousel. mickey


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Frontierland! First we hit Splash Mountain, then BTMRR!

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Adventureland for POC and Jungle Cruise


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Adventureland, it's to the left and it's where the Dole Whips are! yay

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Becca1005 wrote:
Adventureland, it's to the left and it's where the Dole Whips are! yay

yay yay yay yay



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We usually book it over to Tomorrowland first! yay


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Fantasyland!! That means "I've arrived!"

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Tomorrowland! Have to hit Buzz and Space Mountain first thing to get the day going awesome

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We start our trips with Adventureland, either on the safari boat ride or on Pirates! We then just do one big loop around the park! Starting with Adventureland and ending in Tomorrowland always seems to be a great start and end!

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Tomorrowland. But if I'm there for two days, you can include Fantasyland. I'm always there when the parks open.


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