Would You Aquaduck?

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Mase wrote:
Brad wrote:
Mase wrote:
Oh... id so be down. I saw this on the Disney Channel, and would almost go on this cruise JUST to go on that! lol! Just looks like a lot of fun!

It might sound funny but that's almost how I feel. I'm only iffy on cruising, but I really want to ride the Aquaduck. That and check out Castaway Cay. Disney knows how to hook me!

Yeah... ive never been on a cruise and im not a fan of going out on a boat in a lake and such. I know a cruise is a lot smoother and such, but these Disney Cruises make me want to try all of this fun stuff! And Castaway Bay looks sooooo much fun!

We've never been either, but as the boats keep getting better and better, I'm not sure how much longer we can stay away.




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