Your Favourite Parks In Order...

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If I were to do Walt Disney World only, I would rank them as such:
- Epcot.
- Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios.
- Magic Kingdom.

If I were to include other parks I have visited:
- Magic Kingdom at Disneyland Paris.
- Epcot.
- Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios.
- Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
- Walt Disney Studios Park at DLP.

I would love to visit Magic Kingdom at Disneyland CA.


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1. Magic Kingdom - most my favorite rides are there
2. Hollywood Studios (almost typed in MGM! I still call it that!) - I love the "Hollywood's Golden Age" atmosphere
3. Epcot
4. Animal Kingdom


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It's getting really close to flipping given the issues at Future World, but here's my current list:

1 - EP
2 - MK
3 - DHS
4 - DAK

The last two are also really close. I love the atmosphere of DAK, but it still falls short in terms of attractions to DHS. The paths also need a bit more space at times.


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Epcot mk hs ak



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New member here - I posted over in the new members area too!

I guess my favorite parks list is mostly based on what I want to ride multiple times. Not that I don't love the atmosphere in the parks, but I like visiting during slow times so I can ride and ride and ride.

1. Magic Kingdom (most attractions I like to visit repeatedly)

2. Animal Kingdom (not a lot there for me, but I like to ride Dinosaur, ExEverest, KSafari repeatedly, and I like this park for wandering)

3. Epcot (favorite for atmosphere, and a few favorite attractions - Soarin', Maelstrom)

4. Hollywood Studios (just not much here for me - I'm not a movie person. I usually ride Tower of Terror and maybe Midway Mania, and then leave.)


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