Your going to Disney again????????????

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Awesome...... Loved this.



"Live well, laugh loud & love much"

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when people ask why we go to disney so much all i have to say is when i see Lyn face and it has this special glow when she is in disney ..and that makes every disney trip worth it !!


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When I'm asked why I go to Disney so often, I just say "Because I wish it! And Disney makes my wishes come true!"

Well, them and the fine folks at VISA. laugh

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That video says it all.

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If those folks aren't on this board, they should be. They totally get it, and us.

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That's so awesome!

Sheesh I need a vacation bad... I'm all weepy after watching that.

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Mr. Hub.. thank you! We absolutely love Disney/WDW! We're going on a Disney cruise of out Galveston next month and back to WDW in January! We're looking into where we want to stay in 2015 when we bring our two daughters and our granddaughter. WDW is a very magical place, it lets you relax forget about what's going on in the world, just to be yourself .. be a kid again.. enjoy life and just have so much fun.. I have iphone Disney covers to remind of WDW on a daily basis. It's so nice to know that Disney World is there waiting for you to return and help you live the magic over and over again. Thank you all for sharing and believing as I do. Magic is alive in all of us, especially with Disney!


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muchlove What a super sweet video - Thanks buffalobill for finding it and sharing! ... we've actually started poking around the disney resorts site about a trip in Sept. 2014. All I could think was... I sure hope we can go back!


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Nice find Bill!