Disney Dining Plans

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Dining in Disney World

If you're planning a trip to Disney, you've probably heard the term "Disney Dining Plan."   An option you can add to your Disney tickets and hotel package,  a dining plan lets you prepay for your meals before you even set foot in central Florida.  We've included some of our insider info about all aspects of the dining plans, in hopes that you'll find it useful when planning out your Disney vacation.

First off, a dining plan not be the best option for everyone in terms of cost.  Sometimes a plan will save a Disney vacationer money, and other times it's pretty much on par with what you'd pay out of pocket for meals at Disney anyway.  We've tried to include some information that will help you to decide if a plan is the best way for you to go or not.

There are a few different types of dining plans available, ranging from what Disney dubs quick service to deluxe service plans.  What you can get varies with the plan, as does cost for the plan.  We've tried to break down those plans for you, so you can decide which plan might best suit your needs.