Introducing Captain Minnie Mouse!

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Introducing Captain Minnie Mouse!

I am so excited that DCL has introduced Captain Minnie Mouse to inspire young ladies in a nautical life. As a Navy veteran, who worked in navigation and command systems this step just does my heart good. There are so few women in in the maritime field and what Disney Cruise Line is doing, as small as it may be, is huge. This acknowledges that women are capable at sea of more than just running the activities.

  1. Minnie will now appear in a new Captain's uniform onboard DCL ships.
  2. Captain Minnie and a Female DCL officer will make on shore appearances in homeports to inspire interest in the industry.
  3. At sea in the Oceaneer Lab, Captain Minnie will lead kids activities in maritime themed STEM activities.
  4. DCL will sponsor four scholarships at the LJM Maritime Academy for female cadets.
  5. New DCL merchandise will feature Captain Minnie with the new tag line "You Can Call Me Captain."

Read the whole story here!

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That is so cool! I had seen that Minnie became a captain but I didn't see all of that other stuff!

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About time!