10 Reasons A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost

It is not a secret that going on a Disney Cruise is expensive. I find that for my family, the cost is comparable to staying in a deluxe Walt Disney World resort with the deluxe dining plan. When you compare it with other cruise lines on a night by night price point, you may well think they have lost their minds. I've been on other cruise lines, and they were nice enough, but in this article I'm going to share 10 reasons I think sailing with the Disney Cruise Line is completely worth the cost.

10 Reason A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost10 Reason A Disney Cruise Is Worth The Cost

Elegant Style -

The Disney Cruise Line Ships have an elegant style that harkens back to the golden age of cruising. The setting transports you to another time as you take on the role of voyager into the unknown. No one can argue that Disney has detail and theming down, and the Disney ships are no exception to this rule. This elegance can't be had on the average bargain cruise line.

Large Staterooms -

Compared to a resort room on land, shipboard staterooms are tiny. However - Standard Cabins on the Disney Cruise Line ships are some of the largest in the entire industry. In fact, they are roughly 25% bigger than on other lines, all offer queen sized beds, convertible sofas, ample closet space, and the majority of them offer split baths.

Interior Room Magic -

On the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, Interior rooms even offer live views of what is going on outside of the ship via Magic Portholes. These clever additions are LCD screens that offer a view from cameras off the rear of the ship, and add that special touch by allowing classic Disney Characters to fly by for a brief visit. It really does help to make the interior room feel a little bit brighter.

Deluxe Inside Cabin With Magic PortholeDeluxe Inside Cabin With Magic Porthole
Deluxe Family VerandahDeluxe Family Verandah

More Adult Only Areas -

It is true that you will run into more kids onboard a Disney ship than on others, but it's also true that the Disney ships offer more adults only areas than other cruise lines. In these areas every effort is made to create a lush adult environment where Grown-ups can enjoy their vacations without the ruckus of the youngsters. Grown-ups have their own pool in the Quiet Cove, hot tubs, topside bar, cafe', two restaurants, and a nighttime club scene, amongst other amenities.

Sensational Shipmates -

I once took a cruise on another line during Spring Break. While there weren't small children running all over the place, there were hundreds of college kids that spent the majority of the cruise running up had to be massive bar tabs. This is a problem I have never encountered on a Disney ship. While it could happen (there's nothing to actually prevent it other than budget concerns) the Disney Cruise Line offers a family atmosphere that doesn't tend to attract the hard partying crowd en mass. While I'm calling this a reason to book with Disney, if you're in search of a hard drinking party cruise, you may want to look elsewhere.

Impeccable Communication -

I've been on other cruise lines where staff would actually pretend not to speak any English so that they didn't have to help you. That will never bee an issue on a Disney Ship "all Cast Members must be conversant in English, and the Disney standard is one of service and Guest satisfaction. In addition to the guarantee that your servers and stateroom hosts will understand you, but they also stick with you. Your stateroom host will be the same every day, and the servers in your regular dining rotation will move from restaurant to restaurant right along with you. This means that they get to know you and your family, and can better anticipate your needs each day.

Quiet Cove Pool and Chaise LoungesQuiet Cove Pool and Chaise Lounges
Comfortable Seating with a ViewComfortable Seating with a View

Fabulous Food -

Cruise lines are known for the great quantities of food they produce, and the Disney Cruise Line is no different. Now " food is a pretty subjective thing and I'm not going to tell you that Disney has the best food you have ever eaten, but I find it to be pretty darn good. It's also worth noting that the adults only restaurants are truly magnificent, and Palo just happens to be my favorite Disney restaurant of them all. This is also a good place to note that you can order as much of the menu as you would like with no extra charge, that both soda pop and most of the room service menu are included in your base cruise rate. Most druise lines charge you extra for soda. There are some additional food charges you may encounter such as specialty coffee and ice cream, pre-packaged candy and soda, and alcohol, but they are few and far between.

Exciting Entertainment -

Disney is a family brand known for its high quality entertainment. From Theme Parks, to Broadway shows, first run movies, and the innovative fireworks at sea, Disney's on board entertainment is at the front of the pack. One of the most amusing things you may note when you watch the fireworks at sea is off on the horizon you'll see other ships trying to get in close to the Disney ship, so that their guests can get just a little taste of the Disney magic as well. If you want great entertainment and your vacation isn't complete without fireworks, just book with Disney to begin with.

Disney's Private Island -

Several cruise companies tout private islands as a benefit of traveling through the Bahamas with them. No however have facilities that are as beautiful and well maintained as Disney's Castaway Cay. Disney knows what day Guests need because of their experience in the Theme Park business, and this has carried over on their private island to make for an exceptional Bahamian playground. Several activities and shore excursions are available at Castaway Cay, and just like on the ship, Castaway Cay offers a lush adult only retreat called Serenity Bay.

Castaway Ray's Stingray Adventure BeachCastaway Ray's Stingray Adventure Beach
Relaxing Tropical MassageRelaxing Tropical Massage

Environmentality -

The Disney Company is known for measures reduce its impact on the planet, and Disney Cruise Line takes pride in the efforts it makes in an industry that is not known for it's environmental friendliness. With a regular "A" grade for environmental transparency, and dedicated Environmental Officers on each ship, Disney is committed to minimizing the impact on the environment year round. Disney Ships recycle metal, glass, plastic and paper. Cooking oil is offloaded weekly and recycled into biodiesel fuel that runs a fleet of vehicles on Castaway Cay, where you'll also see solar power in use. In addition, reclaimed water from condensation helps to save more than 30 million gallons of freshwater each year.

After many years of traveling, my husband and I have truly come to believe that you get what you pay for. While you can get a fun getaway on other cruise lines for less money, when you travel with Disney you get a higher quality of service and standards that make for seamlessly more enjoyable cruise.

Are you ready to book a Disney Cruise? Check out our previous article 7 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Disney Cruise.

Stephaine Reid wrote on Tue, 01/23/2018 - 07:08:

Stephaine Reid's picture

my grandkids would love go on a disney cruise

Kristen K. wrote on Wed, 01/24/2018 - 00:23:

Kristen K.'s picture

They are really fantastic Stephanie, and I didn't even talk about the amazing kids clubs in this piece. Disney has age specific programing for kids on the cruises that takes their experiences to a whole different level, and while they are there, you can enjoy yourself in Quiet Cove!

Rodolfo wrote on Sat, 11/20/2021 - 18:16:

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