10 Tips To Keep You Moving Towards Your Holiday Destination

The Winter holidays make for some of the busiest travel days all year. It can be difficult to negotiate large crowds with grace when you're on your own, but having to keep a family together and headed in the same direction can sometimes seem down right impossible. Here are 10 tips to keep you moving towards your destination without a hitch.

10 Tips To Keep You Moving Towards Your Destination10 Tips To Keep You Moving Towards Your Destination
Make Sure You Are On Time For The Magical ExpressMake Sure You Are On Time For The Magical Express

1. Check-in Online Where Possible - The bus, the hotel, the airline, many services today have early check-in available online. Using these options will save you time by cutting out standing at the ticket counters and keep you moving forward. You can check-in to your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel as much as 60 days in advance.

2. Reserve Airport Parking or Grand Transportation In Advance - Don't wait until the last minute to take care of your ground transportation and securing your car. Make a parking reservation and be sure that you have a spot reserved.

3. Turn Your Phone Into A Travel Tool - There is truly an app for everything these days, and the MyDisneyExperience App is a must have if you are on your way to Walt Disney World. In addition you may want to install apps from your airline of choice to follow your flights, and Gate Guru to help you find you way around the airport.

4. Pack And Dress Wisely - If you're on a quick trip, you may be able to pack everything you need into a carry-on bag, however know that those are subject to search at the security points which could slow you down. I like to pack the majority of my clothes into a checked bag, and take advantage of Disney's Magical Express. That leaves a dedicated day bag, and the clothes on my back to get from point A to point B. Remember to wear clothes that won't cause you issues when going through security, slip on/off shoes are a must.

5. Bring Provisions For Comfort - Travel pillows, blankets, snacks, and the like can help your travels be more comfortable. Don't forget a little something for entertainment as well, such as a book or music player.

Everyone In Your Party Should Have A Copy Of Travel DocumentsEveryone In Your Party Should Have A Copy Of Travel Documents

6. Make Sure Everyone Knows The Plan - I often travel with as many as five other people, and at times it can be hard to keep everyone together. Before we leave on a vacation I make sure that each and everyone has a copy of our itinerary, everyone else's phone numbers, and where all of our dinner reservations will be on each night. That way if we get separated we are always able to find our way back to each other.

7. Leave With Time To Spare - I know you want to get as much Park time in as possible, but during the holidays you really don't want to be cutting it close. Transportation both on property and off is heavier over the holiday season, and the security lines in the airports can be extra lengthy.

8. Keep Your Cool - Every single traveler you meet is trying to get to their destination, and most of them are more than a little stressed out. Be kind to your fellow travelers and it will make your journey all the better. Even when things aren't quite going your way, stay calm, use your head, and try to roll with it.

9. Think Twice About Holiday Gifts - If you'll be shopping for souvenirs on vacation either have them shipped home to you, or be sure to bring an extra suitcase for them to travel home in. Make sure you know your what the luggage policy is if you will be flying, most airlines these days charge for extra luggage.

10. Don't Forget A Backup Plan - Things can, and occasionally do go wrong when traveling, it's always a good idea to have an idea of what you would do if things go wrong.

Well Packed Bags Can Save You HasslesWell Packed Bags Can Save You Hassles

More tips for everything from choosing a travel wardrobe, to dealing with travel delays this winter travel can be found in our previous article A Grown-ups Guide for Smooth Winter Travel.

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