5 Quirky Ways I Love That Walt Disney World Engages The Senses

I love Walt Disney World, since I was a little girl it has been a place of refuge for me where the outside world just melts away. Disney has a way of engaging all of your senses to create unique experiences that truly transport you to different worlds. I realize that some of my favorite things may be a little quirky, none the less here they are.

5 Quirky Ways I Love That Walt Disney World Engages The Senses5 Quirky Ways I Love That Walt Disney World Engages The Senses


Getting the perfect picture. I've taken a lot of pictures of at Walt Disney World, truly, I come home from a trip with thousands of shots saved - sometimes to the great dismay of my family. However out of that myriad of photos, finding the one special one that perfectly captures a moment gives me a thrill. Sometimes the pictures are obviously from Disney, sometimes it may only be something that someone "in the know" will get, but those frameable moments that become a part of the family history give me a thrill.

Landscape and Moat from the Liberty Square BridgeLandscape and Moat from the Liberty Square Bridge


The music of Walt Disney World touches every corner, and the ambient music when you walk into Epcot is some of my favorite. There is just something about those instrumentals playing that help to build the excitement as you walk through the gate and up towards Spaceship Earth. The soundtracks of Walt Disney World create a mood and feel, and for me the music that you hear as you walk into Epcot speaks to an optimistic journey towards the future.

Spaceship EarthSpaceship Earth


Special meals with friends and family become even more memorable in a Disney setting. There is something about coming together around a table and sharing a meal that is really important to me. Disney has been the setting of some of the best and most memorable meals I have ever had. From dining in the Castle, to the Hoop-dee-doo, be it intimate cocktails and charcuterie for two, or a table of ten plus a good meal creates a bond that is difficult to break.

A Great Spot for Drinks with FriendsA Great Spot for Drinks with Friends


Getting a hug from Mickey Mouse is one of my favorite things in the world. No, really, you can not be too old to get a hug from a character. You should do it - it's fun! Nothing makes me angrier than when I hear people say that the characters are just for kids, that's so not true. Mickey is ageless, and if you are a grown-up and need a hug, because we all need hugs now and again, go get one from the Mouse.

It All Started With A MouseIt All Started With A Mouse


The way the monorail smells in the morning. Yup, that's probably weird, but every now and again my car air conditioner gets that smell on a humid morning and it takes me right back to Walt Disney World. I love that. Disney's also been known to use smell in various areas to entice guests and create better memories by pumping scents into the air! You can see this in examples such as the smell of cookies baking on Main Street U.S.A, and the smell of fresh oranges in the Soarin' attraction.

Monorail Black On The Epcot LineMonorail Black On The Epcot Line

What are the quirkiest things that you love about Walt Disney World? Leave a comment below and share your favorites.

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