8 Musts For The Magic Kingdom After Dark

While a trip to the Magic Kingdom is magnificent any time of day there are a few things that become even more special after the sun goes down. The Magic Kingdom takes on a different feeling under the night sky with thematic moods enhanced by distinct sound and lighting that easily lead you t believe you're in another place. These eight attractions go from being some of our favorites at any time - to truly spectacular experiences.

8 Musts For The Magic Kingdom After Dark8 Musts For The Magic Kingdom After Dark

Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover - One of my favorite attractions to relax on, the People Mover is even more lovely when Tomorrowland is light-up at night. Guests can sit back and enjoy a grand tour as they glide above it all while getting the lay of the land.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant - There's something quaint that takes us back to our childhood about this classic hub and spoke ride. But after dark, the dancing waters and lights in this enhanced version of the charming kids favorite - truly makes you believe that elephants can fly.

Dumbo The Flying ElephantDumbo The Flying Elephant

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Disney's outdoor roller coasters are thrilling during the day, but at night riders get a different feeling all together. The new-comer to Fantasyland has become a fan favorite, and it's even more fantastic when you do it in the dark.

Tangled Rest Area - No, it's not really an attraction, but the hanging lanterns and mystical waterfall make this rest area is magical after dark. It's worth taking a stroll through here on your way to Liberty Square.

The Tangled Rest AreaThe Tangled Rest Area

Haunted Mansion Stand-by Queue - After dark the stroll through the attraction's graveyard queue becomes just a bit spookier, setting the mood even before you climb aboard your doom buggie. Listen carefully as you're strolling, you may just overheard some of the garaveyard's residents.

Main Street Electrical Parade - I'm not a big Parade fan, but the Main Street Electrical Parade is one of those things that I truly enjoy at the Magic Kingdom. If you've never seen this glittering nighttime spectacle, be sure to put it on your list. My favorite spot to watch is in front of the Frontierland Shooting Gallery. UPDATE 8/11: The Main Street Electrical Parade will be leaving the Magic Kingdom after October 9th, 2016. Be sure to see it while you can!

Mickey In The Main Street Electrical ParadeMickey In The Main Street Electrical Parade

Big Thunder Mountain - Do this one during the day for sure, but come back again and do it after dark! Big Thunder seems even faster and more thrilling as the mine train goes huddling through the dark around mountains and over hot springs.

The Jungle Cruise - If you won't be watching the Electrical Parade, that's a great time to take an evening boat ride on the rivers of the world. The Jungle is deeper and more foreboding when one isn't sure what could be around the next bend " but never fear " your Skipper will be just a nutty and enjoyable.

Night Falls On Big Thunder MountainNight Falls On Big Thunder Mountain

Have you ever noticed the changes in the feeling of attractions at night? What are your musts for the Magic Kingdom after dark? Leave a comment below and share your favorites!

Thanks so much to Spencer Goad, DebMomof3, and Theme Park Tourist for use of their images through Creative Commons.

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