Best Place to Get an Adult Beverage in Walt Disney World [Facebook Fans]

This week we asked out Facebook fans where the best place to get an adult beverage in Walt Disney World is and what they drink there! I have to say that this is probably my favorite fan question we have asked, I love learning about new places to grab a good drink!

The Rose and Crown was one of the most popular responses that we received!

Bridget P. said, " Rose and Crown, a black and tan."

Michelle W. said, "with Carl, at The Rose and Crown the scotch flight:)"

Brian L. said, "A pint of Guinness at the Rose & Crown from Carl... Best cast member at WDW!"

Another popular response was the Polynesian Resort.

Erica B. said, "So many!!! I love the Pina Colava and Lapu Lapu at the Poly."

Bridget P. said, "Oh yea, Lapu Lapu at the Poly. Thats a powerful one!"

Even the Disney Planning Blog voted for the Polynesian, "Lapu Lapu at the Poly."

The Grand Marnier Slushie in France was also a very popular response!

June S. said, "France in Epcot -- Grand Marnier Slushie!"

Joelle B. said, "France drink kiosk in Epcot, Grand Mariner slush."

And a few people couldn't choose just one!

Patricia V. shared her list that included the Grand Marnier Slushie, "Grand Marnier Slushie in France!! Italian Margarita goes down very smooth as well. Now, you all have me wanting this Lapu Lapu thing. Heading to the Polynesian right now." I hope you enjoyed your drink at the Polynesian!

Lori W. said, "France-Grand MarinierOrangeSlushie..... ....any of the tropical dirnks at the pool bar at Beach Club.....Chocolate Martini at the Swan/Dolphins restaurant bars."

Susan V. said, "Seriously? I don't think I could pick one. Our fav just by placement is the Crow's Next at The Yacht Club--usually a highball. Then the Rose & Crown for a pint of just about anything. The Poly lounge bar or pool bar for a Lapu Lapu. Just about ANY pool bar for a pina colada (Leaping Libations, Gurgling Suitcase, Hurrican Hannas.......) Oh, and the Margarita Kiosk in Mexico:)"

So where do you think the best place to get an adult beverage in Walt Disney World and what is it?

Lindsay wrote on Thu, 08/04/2011 - 17:33:

Lindsay's picture

The avocado margarita from La Cava del Tequila. I've tried the at home recipe, but it just wasn't the same.

worldfanatic wrote on Fri, 08/05/2011 - 18:10:

For some reason, my wife and I drink more at Disney World than any other vacation spot. Sounds strange, but when you consider all the awesome bars/lounges becomes more understandable.

Our favorites are the ones in the Disney Resorts, with Victoria Falls at the Animal Kingdom Lounge being the best.

It's location on a mezzanine below the main lobby, but above Boma is fantastic.
We love to drink just about anything in there while watching all the action going on above, below, and next to us.

Carol wrote on Thu, 08/11/2011 - 19:37:

Carol's picture

My favorite place to get a drink at Walt Disney World is from the blender at my very own camper at Fort Wilderness!!!

Lots of friends hangin together enjoyin good food, good drink, good conversation!!!

Heather C wrote on Sat, 08/13/2011 - 22:58:

Heather C's picture

The lemonade slushie in France is amazing. At least in my opinion it is far better than the orange slushie. Enjoy....

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