Checking In Online For Your Disney Cruise Vacation

Disney travelers are familiar with the concept of Online Check-In, this pre-registration that helps you breeze through the process upon arrival and get straight to the fun. It's also important to check-in online when getting ready for a Disney Cruise vacation. Checking-In online for your Disney Cruise not only helps you save time at the cruise terminal, but it gives you the chance to pre-book port adventures, spa treatments, Castaway Cay cabanas, and fine dining at DCL's adults only restaurants.

Checking In Online For Your Disney Cruise VacationChecking In Online For Your Disney Cruise Vacation

The Disney Cruise Line Planning Center

If you haven't signed up to log in to the Disney Cruise Line Website, be sure that you do so before your activities booking window becomes available. To connect your account to your upcoming cruise, you'll need an account and your cruise reservation number. Once you are logged in you will have access to the Disney Cruise Line Planning Center, this page holds a wealth of information for you prior to your cruise. Right at the top, you'll find the clearly labeled sections that you need to get most comfortable with "My Cruise Activities" and "My Online Check-In."

The "My Cruise Activities" section is where you can search and reserve all the "extra" fun stuff available on your Disney Cruise like: Port Adventures, Adult Dining, Spa treatments, Castaway Cay cabanas, and anything else which may be offered on you particular cruise. It's a good idea to peruse these well before your booking window opens, as with all things Disney a little pre-planning goes a long way. Once you have decided what you want to do on your cruise, I suggest prioritizing your activities, and booking them in the order of most importance to least. Reservations do fill up for activities, and it isn't unheard of for some options to sell out.

The other section that I find most useful in the Planning Center is "In-Room Gifts and Shopping." This is the place to go to pre-order Rainforest Room passes, bottled water for your stateroom, beer & wine packages, as well as floral and gifts. You can also pre-pay for on board credits, and send gifts to other rooms in this section.

Disney Cruise Line Planning CenterDisney Cruise Line Planning Center

My Online Check-In

Checking in online for your Disney Cruise vacation is a great way to make embarkation faster and easier for your whole travel party. The simple act of completing the online forms, allows you to print, sign everything that's needed in the comfort of your home, and bring then bring it to the port with you. All of the documentation will need to be completed at the port check-in desk, so if you haven't done it before you arrive, it could delaying your boarding. Before completing your check-in, gather up all the information in the list below for each of the members of your traveling party.

Checking In Online For A Disney Cruise VacationChecking In Online For A Disney Cruise Vacation

  • Guest Information - This section asks for the names and addresses, basic health, emergency contact information for each of the travelers in your party.

  • Identification - Here is where you'll enter your Identification & Passport information. Though a Passport is not required for US Citizens on closed loop cruises, we highly recommend them, read here to find out why.

  • Pre & Post Cruise Information - Transportation information regarding things that could effect your port arrival and departure gets filled out here.

  • On board Account - Credit Card Information for incidental charges while on board, and who in your party will receive charging privileges.

  • Port Arrival Time - Choose what time you will arrive at the Disney Cruise Line Terminal. Most frequent cruisers prefer an early port arrival time. For guests using Disney Ground Transportation, your bus pick up & port arrival time will not be known until the evening prior to your cruise.

  • Cruise Contract - Here you'll find all the legal Terms and Conditions of your cruise vacation. It's important to review these ahead of time, but you if everything goes smoothly you won't need them.

  • Signature Forms - Print these out, sign them, and bring them to the port with you for check in. Having these papers along with your party's identification will save you time at the check-in desk in the terminal.

In addition to this basic information, the "My Online Check-In" also has several special forms. Here you can find a "Special Services Information form" for guests with allergies, disabilities, or special medical needs. Must be completed and returned to DCL at least 30 days before you sail. There is also a "Parental Debarkation Authorization" which allows your child to leave the ship unaccompanied or with an adult not assigned to your stateroom. And a "Minor Authorization Form" that needs to be completed if you are traveling with minors who are not your children.

Disney Cruise Line My Online Check-inMy Online Check-In All Complete!

When Can I Check-In Online & Book Cruise Activities?

The Disney Cruise Line prefers that Guests embarking on a Disney Cruise Check-In online at least 4 days prior to your sail date. However, in order to pre-book your activities it's best to check-in as soon as the opportunity opens up to you. It isn't unheard of for adventures and adult dining to sell out. While you will want to get your party checked in as soon as possible, the Disney site allows you to return and complete the check-in process at a later time if you don't have all the information available at first.

  • First Time Cruisers on DCL are able to check-in and book activities 75 days prior to sailing.

Returning Guests are considered members of the "Castaway Club" and depending on the number of times you've cruised with Disney before, are granted earlier access to Online activity planning, booking on board amenities, and planning port adventures.

  • Castaway Club Silver Members - 90 Days prior to sailing
  • Castaway Club Gold Members - 105 Days prior to sailing
  • Castaway Club Platinum Members and Concierge Guests - 120 Days prior to sailing

Castaway Club Members Get Special Benefits Like Early BookingCastaway Club Members Get Special Benefits Like Early Booking

Online Check-In for the Disney Cruise Line is an exciting time in cruise planning, for it gets you one step closer to being able to set sail on your adventure at sea. It's a time to finalize plans and start looking forward to the extra activities you'll get to take part in. Happy Sailing!

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