Disney Shorts: Mickey Mouse At The Dog Show

There are many different Thanksgiving Day traditions across America, and each one helps to make this one of the most popular holidays all year long. While football may be a tradition in some households, my family spends Thanksgiving watching the Macy's Parade and the National Dog Show. But did you know that it's not the only dog show in town today? That's because we're sharing two fantastic Disney shorts that honor this holiday tradition. Mickey Mouse is a huge fan of dog shows, and he's starred in two films to prove it.

The first is from 1939, when the Walt Disney Company made a classic animated short that was distributed by RKO Pictures. This short marked the last appearance of the older Mickey Mouse styling typified by his solid black eyes. In the short titled 'Society Dog Show' our pal Mickey Mouse enters his best bud Pluto against some snooty competitors in a high-end dog show. Mickey primps and grooms Pluto to his most handsome, but Pluto is much more interested in Fifi the Peke. Will Pluto be able to concentrate on the ring with such a beauty near by? We invite you to watch Disney's 'Society Dog Show' video below.

Society Dog Show on Disney Video

The second is part of the edgy and contemporary 2013 Emmy award-winning series, 'Mickey Mouse.' After all these years Mickey still loves showing off his buddy, and executive producer Paul Ruddish takes our favorite Mouse back to the ring in 'Dog Show'. This time however Pluto falls ill and Mickey decides to enter Goofy in the contest. That can't be good, but you'll just have to watch this 3 minute 30 second short for yourself to see what happens.

Which one of these dog show shorts do you prefer? Leave a comment below and tell us! Personally, I prefer the classic look of 'Society Dog Show' to the newer more edgy animation.

While we're taking time to celebrate this holiday with some Disney shorts, we here at Walt Disney World for Grownups want wish all of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving full of family and friends that are dear to you. We are thankful that you chose to spend a little bit of your day with us and hope to continue entertaining you for years to come.

Melissa Pugliese wrote on Thu, 11/28/2013 - 21:08:

Melissa Pugliese's picture

What a perfect post for Thanksgiving! I too prefer Society Dog Show. I just do not enjoy Goofy's crude personality in the new Mickey Mouse shorts. It seems so unlike his good-natured character to make jokes like the "she meant nothing to me" line.

Penny wrote on Fri, 11/29/2013 - 01:58:

Penny's picture

I most definitely prefer the classic original! I find a new "edgy" version creepy. It makes me think of "Ren and Stimpy". (Sp?). Truly not the classy Disney entertainment I have come to expect and enjoy!

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