Disney Tagalongs Are Fun New Friends That Share The Magic

When it comes to Disney shopping, I must admit I'm a big kid. Last year on the Disney Parks Blog, Steven Miller showcased one of the cutest new Disney Toys I've seen in awhile - the Tagalongs! Tagalongs are little character toys that easily ride around on your shoulder using a magical, magnetic power disc. When we arrived at Walt Disney World last month, I was on the hunt for one of my own.

Tagalongs Ride On Your Shoulder And Share The FunTagalongs Ride On Your Shoulder And Share The Fun

Disney Tagalongs come in many guises to help you make the best choices possible throughout the day. You can let your conscience be your guide with a Jiminy Cricket, train as a Jedi with Yoda riding along, keep that extra sprinkling of Pixie Dust nearby with Tinker Bell, or duel with the Donald Duck Angel vs. Devil, just to name a few!

A single Tagalong at Walt Disney World will run you about $7.95, making them a fun and affordable souvenir for guests of all ages! They have special appeal for folks planning on doing some DisneyBounding by adding the perfect touch of character accessory. My daughter Katie wore her Tinker Bell Tagalong throughout the day while at the Magic Kingdom, she felt that it was very secure with the magnetic attachment and said the toy itself was fairly weightless to wear.

Tagalongs Come In Many Character FormsTagalongs Come In Many Character Forms

I'll be honest, it wasn't easy to find these fun little toys and we finally tracked down the ones that we wanted as Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney. I wish I could just send you to the Disney Store to snag yours, but instead you'll have to head on over to our Amazon Affiliate, where we found listings for Jiminy Cricket, Tinkerbell, Pascal, and a duo Mickey and Minnie.

So which Tagalong would you share your shoulder with on vacation? I'm pretty fond of Jiminy Cricket. Leave a comment below and tell me which is your favorite!

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