With Love to Disney’s Fab Five Father – Goofy

While we all know that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are well known to be Uncles, Goofy is the only one that can claim the title of Father. He's used a wide range of names since his creation for "Mickey's Review" in 1932. He's been called Dippy Dawg, George Geef, or G. G. Geef, John, James Boyd, Goofy Goof, or G. G. Goof and even occasionally been given as Goofus D. Dawg. No matter what the origins may reveal, we all know him and love him by his nickname "Goofy."

An integral part of Disney's successful comedy trio (Mickey, Donald, and Goofy) though-out the 1930s and 40s, when the 50s arrived he got a brand new series of his own popular short films. In his vintage Disney shorts, Goofy was often cast in the role of "everyman," acting out the trials and tribulations of daily life. He taught young boys and men of the 1950s how to dance, sleep, be healthy, give up smoking and even to be a dad - sort of.

In the 1951 "Fathers Are People" Goofy is introduced to us as George, at the birth of his son "Junior."

Then Goofy got a much needed "Father's Day Off" in 1953, where he stepped in for Mom taking over the chores and childcare for mom. As many fathers do he ends up realizing that a "day off" at home is often more work that expected.

"Father's Weekend" finally rolled around and our man Goofy was faced with a pleasant day with his son.

Goof's adventures in parenting went mainstream once again in the 1990s with his own TV series called "Goof Troop." Living with his son Max and a cat named Waffles, Goofy was presented to the country as a widowed single dad. "Goof Troop" eventually led to Goofy and Max starring in their own movies in 1995 & 2000. Overall despite his extremely clumsy not so bright personality, Goofy has managed to turn out to be an intuitive and clever Dad. Just like our own dads he does it in his own unique way.

So here's to you Goofy - hats off! And here's to all of our readers that are fathers, we here at Walt Disney World for Grown-ups hope that you have a fabulous, fun, Father's Day.

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