New Dumbo Ride At Fantasyland Recently Tested

Progress is certainly being made at the Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland expansion. Recently, the new and improved Dumbo ride was spotted being tested in preparation for its expected debut in February.

Dumbo looks to have received some upgrades in this new imagining of the classic attraction. First off, sources note the ride will fly clockwise and is the first ride in any of the Disney parks to do so. Next, the ride's topper also looks to be getting a makeover with Timothy Mouse being replaced by a "bevy of storks."

While the doubling of the ride is not news, the queue - or lack thereof - is certainly different. Instead of the traditional line, which has been known for being slow moving at times, guests will wait in a new circus tent area for cast members to announce their boarding group. Disney has tested out this waiting concept at its Rock'n'Roller Coaster.

Those of you heading out to Disney have just a few more days to take in the old Dumbo ride: it's expected to close January 9. Look for the new Dumbo ride to open February 18.

For a video of the new Dumbo in action, head over to Stitch Kingdom.


John wrote on Thu, 02/23/2012 - 05:13:

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The astro-orbiter flies clockwise. I was just on it.

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