An Old Fantasyland Classic - La Fontaine de Cendrillon

Tucked away back behind the castle, just around the corner from Castle Couture in Fantastyland is a charming little detail that is one of my Disney favorites known as La Fontaine de Cendrillon - or - Cinderella's Fountain. It's a delightful water feature that's both art and functional drinking fountain for guests.

Cinderella FountainCinderella Fountain

Inspired by the classic French Fairytale "Cendrillon" by Charles Perrault and Walt Disney's classic 1950 film "Cinderella" this fountain captures the beauty and innocence of the young, sweet heroine. At the centerpiece of the small fountain is a bronze statue of Cinderella in her working clothes surrounded by her mice dressed in the garments she's made them, with a friendly bird perched on her hand.

Behind the fountain a brightly painted stone arch is decorated in pink, gold and aquamarine. The painting holds a royal secret, for amongst it's foliage and vines is a golden crown. If guests viewing the fountain stand in just the right place they are treated with the foreshadowing of Cinderella becoming a Princess as the crown sits upon her head. Grown ups may see the effect best if they curtsey or bow to the future Princess, children however are at the perfect height to naturally be in on the secret.

The Fountain Holds a Royal SecretThe Fountain Holds a Royal Secret

Walt Disney World is full of little details that embody the spirit of an area and bring it to life in ways that go beyond that of a typical theme park. La Fontaine de Cendrillon is one of the magical spots you shouldn't miss. What's your favorite Disney detail that's a little off the beaten path? Leave a comment and let me know!

Mandy wrote on Thu, 10/03/2013 - 02:35:

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I really love the details in Liberty Square. The fact that they had put in the street where the "sewer" system would be and I like the sleepy hollow references that are close by each other. Across the street from Sleepy Hollow refreshments is a sign that references to Ichabod Crane.

alicemouse wrote on Thu, 10/24/2013 - 03:20:

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I love the Plaza Rose Garden, home of the Barbara Bush hybrid tea rose (there's a plaque on the castle side of the garden). We booked an early Keys to the Kingdom tour on our last trip and free reign of a nearly empty park for about 30 minutes. We wandered through the rose garden and ended up down to the dock for the former plaza swan boats where we watched a family of ducks tool around for about 20 minutes. With the park being almost empty, it was like we were in a secret little paradise.

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