Photo Tour: AquaDuck on the Disney Dream

A friend of ours just returned from a cruise on the brand new Disney Dream cruise ship and sent over this great review of the AquaDuck -- the cruise industry's first water coaster on a ship!

Thanks to WDWFG for the chance to rave about this incredible water coaster. The AquaDuck may seem like a kids' ride to some, but I was surprised to note that the concept was terrifying to many. Not a lot of folks want to hang out above the ocean with only a thin piece of plastic between them and an 150 foot drop!

But I'm here to tell you that it really is an amazing ride, and I can highly recommend it no matter how concerned you might be (about the coaster itself...or how you look in a bathing suit). It's a not-to-be-missed experience.

Aquaduck SignAquaduck Sign

The AquaDuck begins at one of the highest points on the ship, but don't try to find the entrance by taking the elevator to the 12th or 13th deck (believe me, I tried). Instead, just head to the family pool deck -- 11 -- and find the AquaDuck sign.

Aquaduck Stairs and EntryAquaduck Stairs and Entry

Under the sign and next to the ship railing you'll find a large wooden "box" on the deck. This houses towels and also gives you a makeshift place to leave your things (shoes, bathing suit cover-up, etc) if you don't have a lounge chair nearby. From here, head toward the middle of the deck -- soon you'll see a yellow staircase that leads to the AquaDuck entrance!

Stairs to AquaDuck EntryStairs to AquaDuck Entry

Once you've climbed the stairs, you'll come to the head of the slide. Position yourself in the AquaDuck raft and hold on! There will be a cast member there to help you if you need it.

Aquaduck RaftAquaduck Raft

Off you go! The first thing you'll do is go through that small loop that stretches out over the sea...

Aquaduck Raft Goest Around LoopAquaduck Raft Goest Around Loop

From here, you'll hit two dips in the coaster. Water jets will force your raft back up the hills, so just hang on for the ride! After going through a couple of dark sections, you'll take a leisurely ride in a clear tube past the ship's family pool and kids' pool -- don't forget to wave!

Aquaduck Dip With Water Coaster Jet PushAquaduck Dip With Water Coaster Jet Push

You'll finish off the ride in a long, dark section that moves quite slowly -- just sit back and relax! You'll pop out into a bright yellow half-tube of "rapids" that will slow you down. And now it's time to ride again!

AquaDuck at Night -- Still RunningAquaDuck at Night -- Still Running

Here's a little video from Disney that tells you a bit more about this first-ever water coaster at sea...

JeffC wrote on Mon, 01/31/2011 - 17:09:

Thanks for the personal review! That looks sooooooo cool. We must do this. We must do a cruise in September!

Does it feel weird or stuffy inside the glass tubing?

admin wrote on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 04:02:

admin's picture

JeffC -- From what I hear, it's not all that stuffy -- even though it gets all steamy!

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