Possibilities of Disney's "Next-Gen" Technology

Walt Disney World has just turned 40 years old and they are not stopping. With the upcoming opening of the Art of Animation Resort, a new Fantasyland and the announcement of an Avatar land in the Animal Kingdom, Disney is also pumping a rumored $1 Billion in "Next-Gen" technology.

RFID Driven Interactive Games and QueuesRFID Driven Interactive Games and Queues
Disney is looking to take a guest's experience to an even more personal and high tech level. With the introduction of Radio Frequency ID Bracelets and smartphone and web applications, guests will be able to make dining reservations and reserve FASTPASSES from the comfort of their home. You'll even be able to obtain your room keys before your trip, bypassing the check-in desk completely.

Mickey May Greet You with Friendly WordsMickey May Greet You with Friendly Words
Then, when you hit the Disney Parks, imagine being greeted by Mickey Mouse where he will ask you how you enjoyed your ride on Space Mountain and if you're looking forward to your reservation later at Liberty Tree Tavern.
With obtaining more personalized information from guests, Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs says this "will put better information into the hands of our cast, so they can deliver even better and more personalized service for our guests."

While this will let guests potentially have a more personalized experience by letting ride queues and rides become more interactive, I also wonder about how much it cuts back on guest service from Disney's cast members, something Disney is very much well known for.

New Experiences Right To Your Cell PhoneNew Experiences Right To Your Cell Phone
With the ease of being able to do everything from your computer and smartphone, guests staying at Walt Disney World might have less interaction with Disney cast members. It seems that Disney is trying to keep up with today's society, which likes things to be self-service and instant. While this will make a better experience overall, will this eliminate the jobs of Disney cast members?

Do you think the addition of "Next-Gen" technology is a good thing for Walt Disney World Resort? Do you believe it will add to the magic or take something away? Leave a message below and share your thoughts.

Hedy @wdwnotjustforkids wrote on Tue, 01/10/2012 - 23:08:

Hedy @wdwnotjustforkids's picture

I think these new technologies are great!

nikamel wrote on Thu, 01/12/2012 - 11:51:

I am a little creeped out about somebody somewhere knowing exactly where I am at any time. Technology can be good but the big brother sees all type frankly scares me. They can keep their radio frequency ID bracelets.
Call me old fashioned or outdated but it is kind of a fun guessing game when you get to a ride to find the wait times. Plus who is going to pay for all this "magic" and who will be out of a job? I think all this would take alway from the personal touch Disney has always had and turn the parks into and automated mess. Technology or an actual person? I would choose a peson everytime.

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