Six Reasons Disney Vacation Club Might Not Be For You

Billed as Disney's "Best Kept Secret," frequent Disney guests know that the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is anything but. You just can't go to Walt Disney World without passing a booth (or twenty) that is advertising the Disney Vacation Club. My friends and family have heard me say that buying DVC has been the best decision we ever made, but that always comes with the caveat that Disney Vacation Club ownership isn't for everyone. I've got six reasons to consider that DVC might not be for you.

Mickey Topiary at Wilderness Lodge VillasMickey Topiary at Wilderness Lodge Villas

DVC might not be for you if you don't have the cash up front for initial purchase, and won't be able to handle dues that are always on the rise. Sure you can finance, but in doing so you inflate that purchase price considerably. Plus - dues rates increase annually based upon maintenance expenses at a given resort for the prior year. While that increase is usually around 3-4%, by law it could be as much as 15% each year.

DVC might not be for you if you are perfectly happy staying at Disney's Value Resorts. For folks that stay at Disney's Value Resorts, joining the Disney Vacation Club is not going to save any money. Moderate users only see monetary value in that they tend to break even, but get to "upgrade" to Deluxe properties.

DVC might not be for you if you if you don't travel to Walt Disney World at least every two years. Sure, you can use your DVC points at other locations around the world, but when staying anywhere other than a Disney Vacation Club Resort you just don't get the same value for your money. For example, that Deluxe Studio you reserve at your home resort may be just 15 points a night, but a room in San Diego from the Concierge Collection hotel will see that same night cost you 50 points.

Saratoga Springs Is A Disney Vacation Club ResortSaratoga Springs Is A Disney Vacation Club Resort

DVC might not be for you if you if you are looking for a financial investment. While DVC Memberships hold their value better than any other timeshare on the market, this isn't a monetary investment. You may be able to sell it at a later time, but you won't get the full value back. The "investment" that comes from Disney Vacation Club membership for my family has been in family togetherness and making memories that will last a lifetime.

DVC might not be for you if you can't plan a year in advance. More and more booking the room for your Disney vacation on DVC points has got to be done 11 months in advance. If you are a spur of the moment kind of traveler trying to use your Disney Vacation Club points may prove frustrating. Getting a room 7 months out at a resort other than your home resort can also be challenging.

DVC might not be for you if you want full-service housekeeping. DVC Members have limited housekeeping service with trash service daily, trash and towel service on the fourth day, and full cleaning only on the 8th day. Daily full service is available for an extra cost if you want to budget that in with other vacation expenses.

The Grand Floridian Villas Are OpenThe Grand Floridian Villas Are Open

If your family is currently weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a Disney Vacation Club Membership take your time. Don't be rushed by a hard sell from Disney. Do your best to look into the future and consider how this membership will fit your life 10, 20, and even 40 years down the road. I love my Disney Vacation Club Membership, but only you know if it fits your life.

Six Reasons DVC Might Not Be For YouSix Reasons DVC Might Not Be For You

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