Solve Riddles during a Guided Scavenger Hunt in the Magic Kingdom on Disney's Family Magic Tour

If you have ever wanted to get a guided tour of the Magic Kingdom that includes a scavenger hunt and a few special surprises, then Disney's Family Magic Tour is for you!

I recently had the chance to take this tour with my family and it is definitely something I would recommend for families with young kids (ages 4 to 10 years old).

Disney's Family Magic TourDisney's Family Magic Tour

The premise behind the scavenger hunt is that during Cinderella's royal ball the night before, the evil stepsisters Drizella and Anastasia have taken items from some of the guests and hidden them throughout the Magic Kingdom. The "Boss" (Mickey Mouse) has asked the group to search the park for the lost items and return them to him.

A bean bag toss determines the tour's first clueA bean bag toss determines the tour's first clue

The Family Magic Tour begins at the Chamber of Commerce on Main Street U.S.A. where guests check in, receive their Peter Pan name tag, and pick up bottles of water (free!). Once the group is assembled (about 20 people total), the cast member gathers the kids so they can discover the first clue.

The first clue is discovered via a bean bag toss game and once the group has the clue the kids lead the way to our first destination. I won't give away all the secrets here, but once the item is found at the first location it is attached to the next clue and so the group makes their way across Main Street to the second destination.

One of the clues and lost items in the scavenger huntOne of the clues and lost items in the scavenger hunt

During the scavenger hunt it's all about the kids. They read the clue with the cast member guide, they find the lost items, and the grownups keep toward the back of the group. During our tour the grownups did their best to not help the kids solve the clues; it was more enjoyable to let them figure it out!

The tour visits Main Street U.S.A., and then heads to Liberty Square to find another item that has been hidden by the stepsisters. After Liberty Square the tour heads to Adventureland, back to Liberty Square, and then to Fantasyland for a couple of clues.

A puzzle map that tells the kids where to find a lost itemA puzzle map that tells the kids where to find a lost item

Our tour had one minor glitch when one of the clues instructed the kids to find something in the queue of a Fantasyland ride but the ride had a malfunction and wasn't working. But in true Disney fashion, our cast member quickly found another clue and we hurried off to another Fantasyland attraction and had a chance to ride without a wait.

If you haven't experienced the tour I don't want to give away too much, but just know that the tour does include a walk-on at one of the popular classic attractions in Fantasyland.

While we were in Fantasyland we also had a special guest appearance by none other than Peter Pan himself! (The grownups had this part figured out but the kids were over-the-moon excited to see Peter Pan.) He had great interaction with the kids, helping them find the next lost item (something related to his adventures).

Peter Pan shows up to help the kids and meet the familiesPeter Pan shows up to help the kids and meet the families

At this point we were past the halfway point of the tour and everyone was hot and needed a break. Lucky for everyone it was the time in the tour for our snack break at the Cheshire Cafe. Everyone had a chance to get a drink or a snack (it's not included in the tour so you do have to pay for it) and take a 15 minute break in the shade.

After our break the next clue sends the group to Tomorrowland to find another lost item. The clue attached to the item involves participation by the entire group, including the adults. Each member of the group has to pick a wooden coin and each coin has a word on it such as ghost, zombie, lion, puppy, or seagull. And then, as the group walks from Tomorrowland to Main Street U.S.A. we all have to act out the word on the coin.

So if you ever see a group of kids and parents walking through Tomorrowland acting like zombies or roaring like lions, now you know what is going on. We certainly received some strange looks but it was so much fun.

The last clue takes the group to the Main Street Confectionery where they have one final item to find.

Disney's Family Magic Tour includes a stop at the ConfectioneryDisney's Family Magic Tour includes a stop at the Confectionery

Once the kids find the last item they need to return all the lost items to Mickey Mouse himself and this is another great surprise for the kids as we are escorted in to see Magician Mickey in the Town Square Theater. Each family had a chance to interact with Mickey and have photos taken. (This visit to Mickey wasn't a secret as we were told at the beginning of the tour that we had to return all the lost items to Mickey at the end).

The Family Magic Tour is a great experience, especially for younger kids. It's a lot of walking in two hours so make sure that you and the kids are up for a brisk walk through the Magic Kingdom.

Disney's Family Magic Tour costs $34 per person, but be sure to ask about discounts for DVC members, Annual Passholders, and Disney Visa cardholders. The tour happens each day at 10 a.m. and last for two hours.

More information on Disney's Family Magic Tour can be found here.

Have you ever taken Disney's Family Magic Tour? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Kristen K. wrote on Fri, 08/22/2014 - 13:18:

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I'm so excited that You did this Traci! I watched a family in Liberty Square playing and they were having a wonderful time. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the tour.

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