Souvenir Sensation: Lavender Bundles From L'OCCITANE At Disney Springs

I'm sort of a sucker for souvenirs with a cause, be it MagicBead rolled paper jewelry from Hollywood Studios, or Djembe Drums from Animal Kingdom, if I can do good in the world and bring home a great gift, I'm totally in. On a recent trip I discovered that one of the new shops at Disney Springs is home to great gifts that support one of my favorite things in the world - Lavender.

L'OCCITANE At Disney SpringsL'OCCITANE At Disney Springs

L'OCCITANE may already be a familiar name to you, if you're lucky enough to live near a major shopping mall, as the company has nearly 3,000 stores world wide. However from my house, it's at least a two hour drive to the nearest store, so I was thrilled that they opened one in Disney Springs. L'OCCITANE offers a broad selection of beauty and bath products for men and women, all which are inspired by nature, using the highest quality products possible, and produced in sustainable ways.

But this post isn't all about L'OCCITANE, it's about lavender. Lavender may be my favorite flower, I use it for all sorts of things at home. It grows in my garden, scents my soaps and perfumes, I drink it in my tea, and bake it into my sweets.

What's So Unique About L'OCCITANE Lavender?What's So Unique About L'OCCITANE Lavender?
I Wish This Were Smell-o-visionI Wish This Were Smell-o-vision

Knowing how much I love lavender, it's not a big surprise that I was thrilled to discover not only how dedicated is to preserving heritage breeds and creating sustainable growing conditions, but that I could purchase big bundles of the finest french lavender to bring home as a souvenir.

Known as "blue gold" lavender is at the heart of Provence, France where a cultural heritage of lavender production supports over 9,000 workers in agricultural and tourist. Over the past decade climate change and a micro-bacteria transmitted by an insect has threatened to destroy the fields, and the rural way of life they support. The potential disappearance of these impressive lavender fields not only threatens the perfume trade and tourism, but will be catastrophic for the already delicate bee population providing pollination to wide ranging crops, and precious honey.

L'OCCITANE Cares About The EnvironmentL'OCCITANE Cares About The Environment
Dried Bundles Of P.D.O.  Lavender From Haute ProvenceDried Bundles Of P.D.O. Lavender From Haute Provence

L'OCCITANE uses lavender that is sourced directly from farmers' cooperatives in the protected geographic region Haute-Provence, France. The P.D.O. designation promises the consumer that they are getting the highest quality Augustifolia variety of lavender grown in Haute-Provence. In addition to bundles of the dried flowers, L'OCCITANE's complete collection of Lavender products use oil carrying this designation, and the company's corporate social responsibility program funds research and development programs to find creative solutions to solutions to halt lavender decline.

Luscious Lavande Products By L'OCCITANELuscious Lavande Products By L'OCCITANEGift Sets Make Buying EasyGift Sets Make Buying Easy

So next time you're at Disney Springs and want to purchase a souvenir with heart, consider heading over to L'OCCITANE and pick up a bundle of Lavender, or some of their luxurious products made with it. Not only will you have a fabulous souvenir, but you'll be doing something wonderful for the planet as well.

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