Start Your Day of Adventure At Creature Comforts In Disney's Animal Kingdom

I'm one of those girls that needs her morning coffee, and when I'm headed out for a day at a Disney Park, the first thing I do is figure out where the Starbucks is. At Disney's Animal Kingdom, you can be sure that I'll be making my way to Creature Comforts... because that's exactly what I need.

Creature Comforts: Starbucks In Disney's Animal KingdomCreature Comforts: Starbucks In Disney's Animal Kingdom

Nestled amongst the trees on Discovery Island, Creature Comforts is located just before the bridge to Africa. The unique octagonal building offers multiple entrances with identical queues once you are inside. For an extra smile, take note the two monkeys on the sign over the door that are holding steamy mugs.

Just In Case You Cant Find It Without The MermaidJust In Case You Cant Find It Without The Mermaid

Inside guests will find stylized decor inspired by Africa, and the coffee that it produces. A neutral color palette is punctuated with simple patterns, if you look closely you'll find the "imprint" of coffee beans as a repetitive motif. The ceiling soars high to an atrium dome above that allows in natural light, and features an industrial chic chandelier. African baskets and pottery can be found to add bits of texture and color behind the counters.

The double queue here is pretty self-explanatory, with mirrored grab-and-go sections, cashiers, and barista lines. There's plenty of room here for a lot of folks to line up and do the pre-coffee shuffle.

Creature Comforts Interior QueueCreature Comforts Interior Queue
Warrior Shields Decorate The Overhead LightingWarrior Shields Decorate The Overhead Lighting

While all of the Disney Starbucks locations feature the standard Starbucks menus, this one also is home to some fantastic sweets and treats that show off unique Disney style. The cupcakes at Creature Comforts are particularly fun, but it's becoming known for the Colossal Cinnamon Roll which is #OnTheList over at the Disney Food Blog.

This Cupcake Has Some Serious StyleThis Cupcake Has Some Serious Style
There Are Always A Fun Selection Of Cupcakes On HandThere Are Always A Fun Selection Of Cupcakes On Hand
The Colossal Cinnamon Roll Has CharacterThe Colossal Cinnamon Roll Has Character

Large well-stocked condiment bars finish off the queue area and are directly past the pass, so that you can finish with your drink if need be. What you won't find inside is any seating, so you'll need to grab and go at this location.

Before you leave, perhaps while you're waiting for your drink, take a moment to read about the conservation efforts that both Disney and Starbucks make in contributing to the coffee farming industry. It's always nice to know a little bit about where your food comes from.

Creature Comforts Customer Pick-upCreature Comforts Customer Pick-up
Starbucks And Disney Take Coffee Conservation SeriouslyStarbucks And Disney Take Coffee Conservation Seriously

And remember - there's so much more than coffee here! Creature Comforts offers a wide range of both hot and cold beverages, with or without caffeine. One of my favorites on a steamy hot Florida afternoon is the Iced Green Tea.

There's Something Special About This CupThere's Something Special About This Cup

Have you stopped in to Creature Comforts? If not - be sure to put it on your list!

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