Tips For Getting A Great Night’s Sleep On Vacation

Many people think that vacations are all about rest and relaxation. Those people have never tried to fit in full days of fun at Walt Disney World. There is just so much to do! Itinerary-obsessed Disney fans (like me) can end up heading home even more exhausted than they started. Ask yourself how many times have you climbed aboard the Magical Express and have said something like "Whew! I need a vacation to recover from my vacation." Inspired by you, my fellow fun seekers, I've come up with some tried and true tips for getting a great night's sleep on vacation.

Tips For Getting A Great Night's Sleep On VacationTips For Getting A Great Night's Sleep On Vacation

Try For Eight Hours

Sounds crazy, right? This can be a hard one, especially when the Disney Parks are open late. However, you really will feel a difference between eight hours of sleep and your usual five or six. Before you leave, decided on either opening the Parks in the morning, or close them down at night. You don't really need to do both, and your body will thank you for getting in enough sleep to recover and do it all again the next day.

Don't Get Too Off Track

Whether or not your vacation involves a time change, it's pretty likely that your daily schedule will shift. Staying up all night and sleeping all day will disrupt your circadian rhythms in a way that will be difficult to recover from once you're home again.

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Time Your Naps Carefully

I am totally in the "pro-nap" camp. That might be a quick snooze in the Park (read here for my favorite napping spots) or heading back to the hotel in the afternoon for a snooze. Just remember that earlier in the day is better for napping because it doesn't upset your sleep cycle. Naps after 4PM are not a good idea, and try to limit your rest to around 30 minutes.

Avoid Heavy Dinners

Eating is one of my favorite activities, but try not to go to bed right after a huge meal. It's difficult to sleep when your body is still digesting its dinner, and it can really exacerbate acid reflux when you lie down. That doesn't mean you should give up great Disney Dining, just plan on your heavier meals to be earlier in the day, and keep it light at night.

Of Course You Can Always Nap At Your ResortOf Course You Can Always Nap At Your Resort

Unwind Before Bed

Make the last things you do before going to bed quiet and relaxing. Take a starlight stroll around your resort, spend some time in the hot tub, or crawl under the covers and read a Disney book. After you've had the "Best Day Ever" in the Parks your body needs a bit of time to decompress before sleep.

Bring A Bit Of Home Along

For all my waxing on about getting a good night's sleep, the truth is that I often have trouble sleeping away from home. That's why I needed to come up with these tricks! I try and bring some of the comforts of home along with me. A small pillow (or teddy bear), my favorite meditation music, and a lavender scented oil get tucked into my bag to help my hotel room feel more comfortable while I'm away.

One Of The More Comfortable Disney Beds I've Slept InOne Of The More Comfortable Disney Beds I've Slept In

I'm not saying I have the answers to the perfect sleep on vacation, but these things have really helped me. Since I started using these tricks I tend to come home a little less wiped out from my Disney vacation.

Do you sleep well at Disney? Let me know your tricks and tips!

JeffC wrote on Tue, 10/16/2018 - 16:49:

I also always bring earplugs just in case there's late night noise from people returning, doors closing, etc. I also turn the fan on in the room for additional noise and turn on the A/C - I like the room super cold to sleep in and then crawl.under alot of covers. I'm weird like that. I

In love the idea of some kind of oil or scent to bring along. Great idea!

Thanks Kristen.

Kristen K. wrote on Tue, 10/16/2018 - 17:21:

Kristen K.'s picture

Hahaha! Not so weird, I do the same thing. Much to my husband's chagrin.

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