Tips For Visiting The Walt Disney World Spas

Though most Walt Disney World visitors head down to hit the fabulous Disney Parks, the truth is Disney Spas are the perfect place to find a little rest and relaxation. With three full service facilities and satellite massage centers at almost all of the deluxe resorts Disney's therapists and estheticians can work out the kinks and leaving you feel pampered with luxury. Some guests like to slip away from the family for some private time. Another popular option for spa goers is a couples retreat ritual to spend some time relaxing together on your honeymoon or during a romantic weekend getaway. How do you spa?

Tips For Visiting The Walt Disney World SpasTips For Visiting The Walt Disney World Spas

There are more than enough treatment options available to make spa time at a Disney resort a centerpiece of your next vacation for one or more days. Whether you're a first-time spa guest trying something new, or heading to the spa for your favorite treatments, we've collected some great tips for visiting the Spas of Walt Disney World.

Make a Reservation

Check In At Least 30 Minutes In Advance of Your AppointmentCheck In At Least 30 Minutes In Advance of Your Appointment

Arrive Early

    Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. This gives you time for a leisurely check in, as well as a few moments to relax and enjoy the spa facilities, such as the sauna, whirlpool or fitness center before your treatment. It's a good idea to hop in the shower before a treatment as well, especially if you've been at the beach or in the parks and have sunscreen on. Your overall experience will be more enjoyable if you allow yourself the time to relax and take in the entire experience. Scheduled for a 50 minute massage? Plan on spending at least a minimum of two hours at the spa, personally, I would schedule three.

Whirlpool at Senses Saratoga SpringsWhirlpool at Senses Saratoga Springs

Don't Be Afraid to Talk

    Even though the spa environment is often quiet and peaceful, don't be afraid to discuss your treatment before it begins, or even during the treatment if your needs change. This is especially important if you're not a regular spa-goer and aren't familiar with spa language. Not all treatments are created equal and you should clarify any questions you have with your therapist before you begin. For instance a Swedish Massage can be slow and gentle, or, deep and bracing. It is up to you as the client to let the therapist know what your expectations are. There's no need to go for a relaxing rub down and come out feeling like you've been in a prize-fight. Just talk with your therapist first!

Discuss Your Treatment With Your TherapistDiscuss Your Treatment With Your Therapist

Discuss Any Health Concerns

    This goes hand in hand with not being afraid to talk. If you are allergic to specific botanicals, have delicate skin, or any underlying medical condition that could make treatment uncomfortable please let your therapist know before beginning the treatment. It's no fun to go in for pampering and end up having an allergic reaction to a product. Be aware of what your treatment involves, and make sure you drink plenty of water to counteract any dehydrating effects. At the Mandara Spa you will be given a health form to fill out when you check in.

Massage Room at the Grand FloridianMassage Room at the Grand Floridian

The Subject of Undress

    In general, there is more modesty in North America than at European and Asian spas. People most often wear swimsuits in saunas, steams, and Jacuzzis, and are generally covered by a robe in communal rooms. In the treatment rooms, undress is left up to the comfort of the client. Therapists are well versed in keeping clients covered with sheets, and will step out of the room while you slip out of your robe and slippers. However, if you feel the need, it is perfectly acceptable to wear underwear or a swimsuit during body treatments. Just be sure to know that clothing can interfere with the effectiveness of some treatments, and lotions and oils may permanently stain clothing.

Experience the Luxury of Some "Me Time"Experience the Luxury of Some "Me Time"

Cell Phones

    For the privacy, comfort and pleasure of all in the spa - please shut off your phone and leave it in your locker.


    The Disney Spas at Grand Floridian and Saratoga Springs do not include a service charge. It is appropriate to tip your therapist for their service depending on quality. 15-20% of the treatment cost is my suggestion for a polite tip for good service. At Mandera, an additional 20% service charge is added to your bill. There, additional gratuity for exemplary service is at your discretion.

Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World SpasTips for Visiting Walt Disney World Spas

Do you love spending time at the spa on your vacation? Have you been to the new Disney Spas since they have been remodeled? Leave a comment below and share your spa story with us!

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