Top 10 Bakeries and Candy Shops at Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort is home to so much wonderful and delicious food choices at kiosks, bakeries, candy shops, and restaurants that it is a daunting task to narrow things down to a top 10 list. However, we're always up for a challenge here at Grownups, so this week we're taking on the bakeries and candy shops at Disney World and naming our top 10.

Top 10 Bakeries and Candy Shops at Walt Disney WorldTop 10 Bakeries and Candy Shops at Walt Disney World

While we loooove satisfying our sweet tooth from the bakery cases around Disney World, you'll also find some really superb savory items in the bakeries. And of course we can't leave out several of the great candy shops on property.

We hope you're hungry because it's time to talk food. Lots and lots of food. And so, here are the Top Bakeries and Candy Shops at Disney World. [As always, if we miss your favorite please let us know in the comments so we have another place to visit on our next trip!]

10. Goofy's Candy Co.: This fun candy store is located in Disney Springs and is a great spot to visit if you're looking to create your own sweet treat! You can create your own Mickey Mouse krispie treat, caramel apple, marshmallow rod, and more! You pick the treat and you pick how you want it topped with dips, toppings, and drizzles. Super sweet fun!

Create your own sweet treat at Goofy's Candy Co.!Create your own sweet treat at Goofy's Candy Co.!

9. Sprinkles: The original cupcake bakery, Sprinkles arrived at Disney Springs last year and brought with it handcrafted cupcakes (including seasonal flavors!), hand-churned ice cream, and homemade cookies. And, don't forget about the Cupcake ATM or the Frosting Shots! While the cupcakes are delicious and worth waiting in line for, our friends at the Disney Food Blog also recommend the Salted Oatmeal Cornflake Cookie and Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich. Seriously long name but you'll want to order it. Stat!

Salted Oatmeal Cornflake Cookie and Brownie Ice Cream SandwichSalted Oatmeal Cornflake Cookie and Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich

8. Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC: This specialty bakery is also located in Disney Springs and it's THE place to go for gluten-free and vegan goodies! The bakery specializes in: "... the underserved people with gluten, dairy, egg and soy sensitivities, the heath-minded, and, most importantly, allergic kids who are often unable to indulge. Our goal is to make eating vegan and gluten-free fun and delicious..." You'll find cupcakes, donuts, cookies, loaves, and more on the menu here!

7. Amorette's Patisserie: Yep, we're STILL in Disney Springs because you just HAVE to stop into Amorette's, even if you're "just looking." The sweets and treats here are out-of-this-world gorgeous. This "upscale bakery" is serving up classic and contemporary cakes, macarons, and beautiful dome cakes. Plus, you can get a glass of champagne to go with your fancy treat! If you're on the prowl for a super-fancy treat, this is the place to find it!

Find fancy sweets at Amorette's Patisserie in Disney SpringsFind fancy sweets at Amorette's Patisserie in Disney Springs

6. Zuri's Sweets Shop: Back when Zuri's opened in 2015 guests found the OMG-worthy Match the Species (aka the poop candy) chocolate. Sadly (or not) that novelty was gone as quickly as it arrived. Today guests will find both sweet and savory items including some bulk items like nuts and trail mix, and unique items like bottles of Flame Tree Barbecue sauce and African wines. The bakery case is full of fun, animal-themed treats including candy apples, cookies, and cupcakes.

Fun animal-themed apples and more at Zuri's!Fun animal-themed apples and more at Zuri's!

5. The Ganachery: Just when you thought we were done at Disney Springs, we have one more offering: The Ganachery. This is Disney's very own specialty chocolate shop offering 16 different flavors of ganache, all made in-house! The open kitchen in the shop lets guests watch the ganache being created. Guests will also find character-themed chocolate bars and more. And, each customer's experience is personalized so no two visits will be the same. You gotta check out The Ganachery!

4. Kringla Bakeri og Kafe: This bakery located in Epcot's Norway Pavilion is home to one of our favorite treats " School Bread. But that's not the only treat you'll find in the bakery case! Other delicious choices include Troll Horns, Rice Cream (topped with strawberries), and even some Frozen-themed goodies (that are actually quite good). On the savory side you'll find a Swedish meatball dish (just like what you can order at Akershus) and a Fisherman's Tasting Box. The bakery is now open for breakfast (thank you Frozen Ever After) and the Cinnamon Loaf is a must!

The Cinnamon Loaf is a great breakfast option in Norway!The Cinnamon Loaf is a great breakfast option in Norway!

3. Main Street Confectionery: The Main Street Confectionery is THE classic sweet shop and it's located right on Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom. You'll find a variety of sweets here in the bakery case and on the shelves including cookies, cupcakes, candy, and even cotton candy! Other favorites are character caramel apples, Milk Chocolate S'mores, and fudge! This is a great place to duck into when a summer rainstorm hits the park (we speak from experience).

Bakery case at the Main Street ConfectioneryBakery case at the Main Street Confectionery

2. Karamell-Kuche: This caramel-themed shop in Epcot's Germany Pavilion is home to THE BEST caramel corn on property, but there's more than just caramel corn in this bakery case. You'll also find other delicious caramel coated treats including a Caramel Apple Cookie, Caramel Pecan Bar, and (our favorite) the Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Caramel. Even if you aren't hungry when you walk in to Karamell-Kuche, you'll walk out with a sweet treat (or two).

So much caramel goodness at Karamell-Kuche!So much caramel goodness at Karamell-Kuche!

And finally....

1. Les Halles Boulangeire Patisserie: The patisserie in Epcot's France Pavilion is our favorite bakery at Disney World. It's home to so many of our favorite treats that we can't pick just one (even when we're in line we can't decide what we want). The Cheese Plate with a fresh baguette is the perfect lunch paired with a Grand Marnier Slush. The Chocolate Croissant is a delicious and quick breakfast. Other favorites include the Creme Brulee, the Napoleon, Frangipane, and the Chocolate Mousse. Breakfast, lunch, or snack time this is THE place to satisfy a sweet (or savory) craving.

Frangipane from Les HallesFrangipane from Les Halles

Now that we've listed 10 of our favorite bakeries and candy shops, we'd love to hear your favorite. Leave us a comment and let us know where we should visit!

Many thanks to the Disney Food Blog for use of their photos.

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Yes to all of it please! I still have yet to get to the Ganachery.

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