Top Five Frozen Drinks At Epcot

Walt Disney World is a playground in the Florida sun, but in the summertime that tropical weather can get down right oppressive. While we've written before about the need to Stay Hydrated while touring the Parks, sometimes the mood calls for something sweet, flavorful, and frosty to wet your whistle and cool you down. If you're headed out to Epcot anytime soon, keep in mind these fabulous Five Frozen Drinks.

Frozen Coke at Club Cool

This one it straight-forward and refreshing, a Frozen Coke is exactly what it sounds like. These can be found in several locations across Walt Disney World and are one of those fan favorites that can be enjoyed at any age. So grab a Frozen Coke and cool off while you smile. If Coke isn't your favorite flavor, give a Frozen Raspberry Lemonade a try!

Frozen Coke Can't Be Beat!Frozen Coke Can't Be Beat!

Frozen Pomegranate and Lime Mojito at La Cantina San Angel in Mexico

A traditional Mojito with a fruity frozen twist, this drink offers the bright mix of mint, lime, sugar, and rum with a pop of pomegranate liqueur. It's a fun departure from the frozen Margaritas and Tequila the Mexico Pavilion is traditionally known for. Never fear though, if you can't make up your mind you can pick up a frozen Margarita at La Cantina as well.

Frozen Pomegranate Lime MojitoFrozen Pomegranate Lime Mojito

Frozen Italian Margarita at the Italy's Gelato Cart

A frosty smooth combination of Limoncello and Grappa, this is a beautiful take on a classic cocktail. Once my heart belonged to the Grey Goose Citron Slush, but when Via Napoli opened, and this was on its menu, I instantly feel in love. That sour tang of lemon with a mild sweetness and that pop from the Grappa. That's Amore...

Italian Margarita Is Lemoncello BlissItalian Margarita Is Lemoncello Bliss

Grey Goose Citron Slush & Grand Marnier Orange Slush in France

These to frozen delights are two of the most popular and talked about drinks in all of Epcot. The lemony Citron Slush is made with Grey Goose Vodka and is as smooth and refreshing as any lemonade, while the orange flavor from this Grand Marnier infused smoothie is a real delight.

Which Is Your Favorite - Citron or Grand Marnier?Which Is Your Favorite - Citron or Grand Marnier?

Do you have a favorite frozen beverage at Epcot? Leave a comment and let us know! Especially leave us a note if it's non-alcoholic, you can totally tell what my frozen beverage habits are. Thanks so much to our friends at the Disney Food Blog for use of their images.

Jennifer wrote on Fri, 09/04/2015 - 14:50:

Jennifer's picture

Torontopolitan! Bring it Back...Bring it Back! Please......

Mcheal wrote on Fri, 09/04/2015 - 14:59:

Mcheal's picture

The Dole Whip is of the same family of frozen drinks I think. And you can get them in Epcot now, with or without a kick.

Clara Christensen wrote on Fri, 09/04/2015 - 16:37:

Clara Christensen's picture

You forgot the Frozen Kirin Beer at Japan. The frozen top keeps the beer cold for a looooooooooooooooong time.

Dolly wrote on Fri, 09/04/2015 - 19:49:

Dolly's picture

The Grand Marnier Orange Slush is my absolute favorite! I also love the Shakin' Jamaican Frozen Cappuccino with Kahlua or Bailey's (I actually get it with both!) at Joffrey's Espresso Coffee and Pastries in the World Showcase.

Tash wrote on Fri, 09/04/2015 - 20:48:

Tash 's picture

I love the frozen Mango Green Tea Slush in China. Non-alcoholic!

Sleepiness wrote on Fri, 09/04/2015 - 23:12:

Sleepiness's picture

Hands down the frozen fruit infused tea at The Joy of Tea... The flavor completely is missing from my mind, which is a clear indication it's been too long since my last WDW vacation!

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