Tricks To Saving Money For Vacation

Like many Disney travelers, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to budget for my next Disney vacation. I'll be honest though, while I have no problem setting money aside for a vacation, I am absolutely terrible at the saving it part. I do however have a couple of tried and true tricks that get the job done so we can go on vacation year after year. He's how I make myself stop and think before spending that vacation money.

Tricks To Save Money On Your Walt Disney World VacationTricks To Save Money On Your Walt Disney World Vacation
Disney announces two vacation deals for early 2017!Tricks To Saving Money For Vacation

Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards can be purchased online at shopDisney.som, but they are are sold by many chain supermarkets, warehouse clubs and discount stores. In fact at my local Target, they are kept right in the check-out line. When I'm saving for a Disney trip I make sure that during the first shop after pay day I pick up a Disney Gift Card. It's fast, simple, and once my money is converted into gift card form I can't be tempted to use it for something else.

Disney Gift Cards Are A Great Way To SaveDisney Gift Cards Are A Great Way To Save

Keep The Change

Whatever is the change and smallest denomination in your wallet at the end of the day, put it in a jar for vacation. Some days you will just have a little change, other days you may be tucking a $10 or $20 into your jar. In addition, if you come across any "found" money, tuck it away into your jar as well. To be sure you actually save the money you tuck into the jar, be sure to pick one that is difficult to get the money back out of. Wine bottles and cider jugs work well in my house, if I want to get at the cash I have to break the glass.

Make Your Change Jar Hard To Get AtMake Your Change Jar Hard To Get At


I have an investment app on my phone called Acorns. It was designed as a long-term way to invest, I tend to use it for my vacation savings. Every time I use the connected debit card my charges are rounded up to the nearest dollar, it doesn't take long for these little round-ups to yield pretty decent results. It's the electronic version of my change jar, but because it takes some time to sell your stock before it is cash in hand, it isn't quite as easy to get to in a pinch.

Acorns: Invest The ChangeAcorns: Invest The Change

Split Your Direct Deposits

Set up a second bank account that you only use for vacation. Have a little money out of each of your paychecks deposited into that account each month. Now " give the checkbook or debit card to that account to someone else for safe keeping. I'm awful about taking money from my vacation savings, but when I don't have the card it makes it a lot harder to do and I'm forced to really think about if I want to spend the money.

10 Top Money Saving Tips For Walt Disney World10 Top Money Saving Tips For Walt Disney World

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