Where To Find Wonderful Watermelon Beverages at Walt Disney World

Happy Friday! We've made it through another week and it's time for a drink! How about a a watermelon round-up to start the summer right. Last week we talked about the Watermelon Pink Flamingo at Frontera Cocina, a few months ago we profiled two fun Watermelon Cocktails from the Nomad Lounge, but where else can we indulge in drinks made with this trendy summer treat at Walt Disney World?

Wonderful Watermelon CocktailsWonderful Watermelon Cocktails

Boardwalk Joe's Margarita Stand is a popular spot to grab a drink while enjoying a stroll around Crescent Lake. With the lights shimmering off the water on a hot summer night, you'll be able to cool down with Joe's Marvelous Watermelon Margarita. This sensational sip blends Patron Silver Tequila, Watermelon, fresh Lime Juice and Sweet-and-Sour.

Club Cool if famous for Beverly, but you can also get Smart Watermelon, which is a Coca-Cola product sold in the People's Republic of China. This bubbly beverage has a light fruity taste with just a hint of melon. While guests can taste test to their hearts delight at Club Cool, Smart Watermelon can also be found on the international sampler tray at the Coca-Cola Rooftop bar in Disney Springs.

Smart Watermelon From China at Club CoolSmart Watermelon From China at Club Cool
Guests Dining at Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom have the option to add a variety of fruity syrups to their beverages, and one of them is watermelon. You can add watermelon to any of the fountain beverages, teas, or even to the lemonade slushy on their menu. Our friends over at the Disney Food Blog really enjoyed their Watermelon Sprite.

The much loved African outpost known as the Dawa Bar in Disney's Animal Kingdom serves up a variety of cocktails featuring sweet watermelon. On the house specialty list is the Tikiti Punch, a thirst quenching combination of vodka and watermelon lemonade. My favorite though is on the sunrise cocktail menu. The Watermelon Mimosa is a regal blending of fresh watermelon puree and a sparkling rose'.

Watermelon Mimosa From Dawa BarWatermelon Mimosa From Dawa Bar

And Last but not least on our list is a jumpin' juice blend from Cafe Rix at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. Watermelon & Frambuesa Explosion combines Mango and Pear Juice, Carrot Juice, and Watermelon and Raspberry Puree for a powerful smoothie that will

Are you a watermelon fan? If so - be sure to put these on your list!