"Up" House Contributes to Utah Tourism Surge

Over the summer, we showed you the real-life "Up" house that a Utah construction company completed and put on the market. Turns out, the house has been a boost in the tourism to the Salt Lake City area.

The house is situated in Herriman, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City and has drawn nearly 27,000 visitors since opening this past summer. One of the home's builders estimates that some weeks, around 1,000 people visit the house. Herriman's population? Right around 20,000.

"Up" House For Sale

File this one under the "whimsy yet cool" file: a construction company has built a life-size replica of the house from the movie "Up."

Keep in mind, this isn't the same house used in the Discovery Channel's experiment earlier this year. After getting the green light from Disney, Bangerter Homes constructed a 2,800 square foot model of Carl & Ellie's house and included some neat details from the film - including Ellie's mural in the living room.

Real Life 'Up' House

Who hasn't watched the Disney Pixar movie "Up" and secretly fantasized about tying a million balloons to their house? The people over at the National Geographic Channel made that fantasy into a reality recently as they set out to create their very own version of the balloon-propelled house made famous by "Up."

Disney Pixar Withdraws From Animation Awards

This year saw a major change for Disney Pixar as they intentionally withdrew from the Hollywood chapter of the International Animated Film Society. The Society hands out annual awards, more commonly known as Annie Awards, for achievements in animation.

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