clean the world


Disney Helps Clean The World

Back in 2010, Disney World became a part of Clean the World, a central Florida organization which collects, sanitizes and repackages unused, discarded hotel soaps and shampoos before distributing them to poverty-stricken nations across the globe.

In the two years since, some 53 tons (or 565,509 bars) of soap have been collected by Disney resorts. In addition, Disney has collected over 33 tons of shampoo, conditioner and lotion for distribution.

The cleanliness items have been distrubted locally in homeless and domestic abuse shelters in the Orlando area as well as worldwide.


Disney VoluntEARS Show Character in Central Florida

Disney's outstanding commitment to the communities of Central Florida not only brings magic to families through the Disney Parks and Resorts but through a vast array of charitable giving programs and Disney VoluntEARS. The Cast Members are truly the ones who bring the magic home and in 2012, Disney Cast Members dubbed "VoluntEARS" gave upwards of 216,000 hours toward improving the lives of Central Floridians.