Disney Workers


Laid Off Disney Employees Had to Train Replacements Before Leaving Job

Imagine being told by your employer that you're being laid off but before you leave your job you'll be required to train your replacements. This is what happened to about 250 Walt Disney World employees last fall as part of what Disney corporate called a "reorganization."

A New Deal for Disney's Part-Time Workers?

Though the official contract vote is anticipated sometime next month, a tentative deal was recently reached between Disney and its part-time staff represented by the Service Trades Council.

Some 10,000 of Disney's "casual regular" workers are affected by the deal which includes bonuses of up to $275 for those staff not earning tips and $50 for those whose work regularly includes gratuities. In addition, the contract will also add Dr. Martin King Luther Day and Labor Day as days in which staff can be paid holiday pay.