Walt Disney World Resort Announces Changes in Management Structure

The Walt Disney World Resort has announced changes to its management structure at the resort that resulted in a reorganization of roles. The changes were effective as of January 21 but did not include any layoffs.

Walt Disney World Resort Hiring Security Staff

Since the Walt Disney World Resort announced changes in its security procedures they have been using an outside security firm to oversee the new metal detectors. But now Disney has decided to bring the operation in-house.

Laid Off Disney Employees Had to Train Replacements Before Leaving Job

Imagine being told by your employer that you're being laid off but before you leave your job you'll be required to train your replacements. This is what happened to about 250 Walt Disney World employees last fall as part of what Disney corporate called a "reorganization."

Walt Disney World Works to Share the Magic Beyond the Theme Parks in Central Florida

Walt Disney World Resort employs nearly 70,000 cast members in Central Florida and they are committed to investing in the community and improving life in the area.

The contributions to the local community include millions of dollars in taxes for local governments, leadership on community issues, and support of non-profit organizations through thousands of volunteer hours by cast members.

Online Job Fair For Walt Disney World Happening Now

It's a top destination for tourists . . . but would you like to work there? From now until April 29, Walt Disney World is hosting an online job fair.

New Heroes Work Here Program Announced

At its annual shareholder meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, earlier this week, Walt Disney Co. announced its new Heroes Work Here program which is designed to help put returning military vets to work.

There are three elements to Heroes Work Here. First, Disney will hire and train 1,000 servicemen and women over the next three years. Second, Disney will seek to ease the transition into civilian life for the vets and their families. Third, a national public awareness campaign is planned to help encourage all sectors of business to hire those who have served the country.

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