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Disney World Bus Route Could Be Cut

Lynx, a bus service in central Florida, is reportedly preparing to cut a Walt Disney World bus route this November.

The route, known as Link 111, currently runs every thirty minutes from the Orlando airport to Walt Disney World with stops along other Disney properties, International Drive, and the Flordia Mall. Under Lynx's new plan, the route would run every hour and provide service to Sea World, the airport and one stop at the Florida Mall.

Beware of Pizza Scam at Disney

Visiting Mickey and friends in Orlando any time soon? You might want to skip that pizza after a long day at the parks - especially if it's offered from a flyer.

It appears some identity thieves are out to grab your credit card info by slipping phony pizza advertisements under hotel doors. Instead of ringing up a pizza parlor, the number is straight to someone who's after an identity and not an order.