Michael Arndt


Gracey In Talks to Direct Disney's 'Order of the Seven'

Snow White, the classic heroine from Disney's 1937 animated film, is popular these days with no less than three re-tellings of the story set to hit the big screen in the next few years. Disney itself is also gearing up for a live action version of the story of Snow White, and is talks with a potential director.

"Snow and the Seven" May Have New Screenwriter

There is a serious case of Snow White fever going around Hollywood these days with no less than three versions of the timeless fairy tale in various states of work. Disney is in the thick of the action with Oscar-winning (for "Little Miss Sunshine") writer Michael Arndt reportedly in negotiations to help give Disney's "Snow and the Seven" screenplay its fifth - yes, fifth- overhaul. Arndt already has a proven relationship with Disney: he penned their smash hit "Toy Story 3" and currently has an Oscar nod for penning that film.