ride vehicles


Take a Ride through Some of Hollywood’s Greatest Films on The Great Movie Ride

If there's one attraction that screams "Hollywood" and could probably be considered the flagship attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios, it's The Great Movie Ride.

Located inside the full-scale reproduction of the famed Grauman's Chinese Theater, this 20-minute long journey takes guests into some of the best movies ever produced.

Design a Concept Car and Take a Test Drive at Test Track Presented by Chevrolet

Whether you're a car enthusiast or you just enjoy the thrill of speeding around curves at 65 mph, there's a little something for everyone at the redesigned Test Track.

The pavilion that houses Test Track was originally the World of Motion pavilion presented by General Motors. When it opened in 1982, the wheel-shaped pavilion featured TransCenter designed by GM and featuring examples of innovative concepts for transportation.

Take an Entertaining and Educational Ride through Time and Space on Ellen’s Energy Adventure

If, on any given day at Epcot, you happen to have about 45 minutes to spare and you're looking for a place to rest your weary feet, we suggest visiting The Universe of Energy pavilion and taking a ride on Ellen's Energy Adventure.

The Original Space Mountain

This space-themed roller coaster, and fan favorite, can be found in all five of Disney's Magic Kingdom-style Parks. All five versions of the attraction have different queues and tracks, but all of them share that famous domed exterior, a space age exterior facade reaching into the sky. After seeing the popularity of the Matterhorn in Disneyland, Walt Disney was convinced that thrill rides had a place in his park and had plans drawn plans drawn up for the Space Mountain attraction.

Adventure on the Jungle Cruise

Over the years I have enjoyed many attractions and several have been my "favorite", but if there's one that always keeps me coming back for more, it's a relaxing cruise down the major rivers of Asia, Africa and South America. Just climb aboard one of the 15 ride vehicles like the Amazon Annie and you'll embark on one of Disney's most classic journeys. The magic of the Jungle Cruise.