Year of the Ear


Walt Disney World Limited Time Magic: Week 11

Continuing to Celebrate the Year of the Ear, March is the month of the Mini MousekeEars! For a Limited Time you can purchase adorable, mini versions of some of Disney's most popular ear hats. These pixie dust packed collectibles are available both is the Disney Parks, and online at the while supplies last. You can collect them, wear them, share them with friends!

2013 Is The "Year of the Ear" at Walt Disney World

Everyone loves some great looking mouse ears and over the past couple of season Disney has kicked up production and released dozens of new styles. Hang onto your hat though because 2013 has been declared the Year of the Ear!


Limited Time Magic: Week 32

It's a brand new week and that means another fun Limited Time Magic surprise at Walt Disney World. This week the Year of the Ear continues with an epic battle between heroes and villains. Beginning August 5, 2013 and running while supplies last, you can show your support for the forces of good or evil with a reversible ear hat cover.

Walt Disney World Limited Time Magic: Week 13

Spring is blooming all over, at least it is if you're at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida during Spring Fling! This weeklong Easter celebration is a Limited Time Magic event that only runs from March 25 through March 31, 2013 so hop on over and enjoy some of the exciting seasonal experiences and activities Disney has instore for you!

Walt Disney World Limited Time Magic: Week 6

The Countdown to Super Sunday is going on at Walt Disney World from Friday February 1 to until Saturday February 9, 2013 it's a week long Super Sunday celebration.