3rd Party Merchants at Disney Springs

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3rd Party Merchants at Disney Springs

What do you think about Disney adding more 3rd Party Merchants during the revamp of Disney Springs?

On one hand I'm *very* aware that everyone doesn't live in a big city or have in person access to high end brands that might go in. Shopping in stores like that is a huge part of vacationing for many people who travel outside of Disney, and I think that it could be good for everyone to bring in these labels. However I would HATE to see more empty store fronts and rotating brands at Disney Springs in the same way that happens at our local mall. That would be depressing. I want Disney Springs to be more than just a mall and I hope that there are enough unique Disney Branded stores to keep it balanced.

How do you feel about it?

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Agree. The one thing that I love about Down Town Disney is the fact that year after year, it's pretty much unchanged. Same stores, restaurants, the feel, it's there!

It's almost like visiting the parks, you notice changes (every now and then), but the improvements or changes complement the whole atmosphere.

We'll see, Disney does not do things halfway. crossfingers