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Soooo my girlfriend calls me today and asks me the days we're going "on vacation" since I didn't tell her WDW. And after planning out EACH DAY ALREADY, I tell her the days, and she goes on to tell me how she's tired of being "stuck in college" and she really needs to graduate. So..she wants to take maximum credits for both summer sessions to make up lost time and graduate as early as possible. A vacation isn't a priority. I understand that but...ahhhhh!!!!!! we gotta find another time to go! She said the second summer session isn't locked in yet, she can let that go possibly, but the first one is set. So we can't go during her birthday.

The upside? Turns out that the following week, July 13th to 19th, turns out to be cheaper on WDW website for resort/tickets and also on jetblue for flights. But I'm just frustrated!! lists MK as a "park to avoid" every one of those days....9.0+ for every single day in July almost lol. Then I went back to the 9th..our original day to be in MK, and it lists it as a 9.4. So eh..I guess I wasn't listening to it fully anyway!

Sorry for ranting...I'm just blowing off steam.

Thanks so much you guys, for all your help. In WDW and out.

Hopefully that week will work. crossfingers

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Oh no! How frustrating! However, it sounds like the finances are going to really work out in your favor. Disney in the Summer is going to be crazy crowded no matter when you go, just deal with it and roll on with the fun!

Try and nail her down for those second dates though!