ADR for Anniversary

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ADR for Anniversary

I know...after being gone so long, I have food on the brain this morning! laugh

Our 11 anniversary is coming up at the end of October, and I'd really like to take hubby to a signature restaurant. He's not a huge Disney fan, but he's a major foodie. We've been to Artist Point and California Grill. For romance and food, I was thinking Jiko (I've been, he hasn't) or Citrico's. What are your thoughts? Are there other suggestions that you'd offer?



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Have you ever done the Turf Club in SSR?

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mrhub wrote:
Have you ever done the Turf Club in SSR?

Either there or at Shula's at the Dolphin hotel.


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DH and I went to Citrico's last year and honestly, I was disappointed. The food was really good, but not knock out (except dessert), and the atmosphere was just boring. The service was good, but overall I felt like I wasted an extra credit eating there. It was still light out, perhaps after the sun goes down it's got a better atmosphere.

My vote is for Jiko.

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My top 5 in order(never been to Shula's or V&A):

Bluezoo - 2010 anniversary dinner
Il Mulino - 2011 anniversary dinner
Flying Fish
Jiko - 2009 anniversary dinner

Pam prefers Il Mulino, so we are returning there for our 30th anniversary dinner in early Nov.

Happy Anniversary, whichever you choose!