The Adult Drink Of Your Trip..

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I appreciate this thread. I thought asking one of similar nature myself. I've only known the Lapu Lapu, Grey Goose slush and the Oktoberfest Altermunster beer from Germany are the overwhelmingly fan favorites.

Hmm..I'm still looking for an adult drink so to speak. Honestly, my experience will alcohol is limited. I'm definitely not a wine guy. It tastes like really bad cough syrup! yuck And beers are kinda too bitter and I've been told to avoid the domestic light beers like Bud Light and Keystone Light because of their foul taste. I really liked Mike's Hard Lemonade so I'm not entirely sure if the electric lemonade as previously stated would be a good equivalent. I would say in general, I prefer my drinks on the sweeter side. But I do have some interest in the Grand Marnier and maybe trying my first Heineken or Guinness. Any suggestions for this adult beverage novice is most appreciated!!


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Grand Ma is not exactly "sweet" but boy does it do the job. I have a friend who "forces" waiting shots of it on us every time we see him... The first one or 2 are always the worst. I have not had the slushie but it is on my list and I am hoping the "slushie" part of it takes the edge off! biggrin Either way I am all in on this one!!!

Have you tried the sweeter wines like Moscato, not exactly a drinking wine more of a dessert libation.... but a nice light Riesling will do the trick also. I'm not sure of the availability of it at Disney but I also like a good Madeira for a red.


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Rocket Red Ale at Big River on the Boardwalk for me. Craft beer brewed right there. Great place, great beer.

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JMED awesome on Moscato's ..also if you can find a Moscato Spumante (or Moscato D'Asti)
- I'd give it a awesome awesome !
Sweet wine with champagne bubbles muchlove