Ample Hills Creamery Sampler

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Ample Hills Creamery Sampler

Has anyone ever gotten this at Ample Hills Creamery on the Boardwalk? Are the scoops about regular come size or smaller? Guessing smaller but its hard to tell from the pics. Asking for my thighs a friend.

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Wow! Nope we never got that yet. I don't remember seeing that place this past trip.

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I haven't had the sampler but I did have a cone at Ample Hills when we stayed at Boardwalk in November and it was awesome! Based solely off of the hand in the picture, the sampler scoops look a bit smaller then the regular scoops.

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I think I read somewhere they are smaller than a normal scoop and they melted before they could all be tried. Damn Florida weather....


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