Any Sailors Among Us?

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Any Sailors Among Us?

So, I'm starting to formulate a bucket list in my head, even if I don't have it on paper. One thing I think I'd like to do is learn a bit about sailing. Do we have any sailors among our ranks? If so, how would you suggest that I get started looking into it?


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LoL... Being a Navy Veteran I was so excited for this post... So not what you meant though!

However, I would suggest checking out local Harbors. Many will be the home to sailing clubs that offer lessons on sailing. My best best friend's ex-husband had a sail boat so maybe if she sees this she can chime in.

It's possible to learn basics on something tiny like a sun fish and see if you enjoy harnessing the wind. That type of sailing lesson can even be found at Lakeside Clubs. I actually took lessons on managing a sunfish in a LARGE pool facility. I know Disney has sun fish (small one person sailboats) that they rent, I'm not sure if they offer lessons of any sort.

Good luck!