Bay Lake Tower

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Bay Lake Tower

Hi everyone I was at the By Lake Tower for the last week in August. I had a 2 bedroom and it was very nice but I will say the living room and kitchen felt small compared to the BWV and OKW.

Here are some pics:


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Great pics Kelly, thanks for posting them.

Looks like you had a Lake View, though from what I'm hearing, some Standard View villas actually have Lake views, and some Lake View Villas have Magic Kingdom views.

We have a standard view studio booked for January, but we're waitlisted for a MK view. I'm thinking maybe I should waitlist a Lake View and save the points.

I know what you mean about the size of the villas. OKW really spoils you as far as room size, doesn't it?

Did you get a chance to go to the Top of the World Lounge at all while you were there?


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Great photos, Kelly! Thank you for posting them! That view is gorgeous. Sounds like you can't lose if those are the two views to choose from.

Can't figure out what that little building to the right of the pool is... a cabana or something?


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Woo! Great pics!

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These are wonderful, Kelly! Did you enjoy staying there?

Which is your favorite DVC property?

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Hey, I think that's the same deodorant I use! laugh

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Great photos, Kelly! Thanks so much for posting them. That's a nice unit. I'd stay there in a heartbeat.