Baylake Tower In Room Safe?

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Baylake Tower In Room Safe?

Hello Forum Folks,

I am going to Disney World in May, staying at Bay Lake Tower. I called and found out that there are safes in the room. But when I called for sizes I was told some odd info. Does anyone know the size of the safe in these rooms? At least if it will hold a laptop or not?


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I wouldn't be too worried about a laptop inside of a locked room at WDW, unless it held sensitive information. NHshorty and I always have at least 1 laptop with us and have never had a problem. Mrhub and Scrappy have tons of hardware with them usually and I don't remember hearing of any issues with in-room security.

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I also usually leave my laptop out and have never had a problem, especially since DVC doesn't have housekeeping there's rarely anyone in the room. I travel with a LOT of electronic equipment and am comfortable keeping it in my room. However, yes, the in room safe should be able to hold one laptop. If the safe is in the wall (like the ones at AKL) then you will have to stand the laptop up on end to store it in the safe. It won't hold much other than that though.

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Yes the in-room safe should hold your lap top , as long as its not some huge monster. The safe's in the Poly are closet safes that sit on a shelf and are huge. They would hold at least four 17" lap tops stacked. But like BB & Kristen said, I wouldn't worry about electronics in the rooms. Cash and jewelry, yeah I would put that in the safe.