The Beach Club

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The Beach Club

For those who have stayed at this resort, is there a particular section of the Beach Club that you enjoyed the most? Any areas that are great for family pictures? Thanks!

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I've stayed there about 20 times. Try to get as close to room 110 as possible. 110 I am convinced is the best room in BCV. Right off the Breezeway, I was afraid it would be noisy with the traffic, but not a sound did I hear. Convenient to lobby, the marketplace, buses, quiet pool, and Epcot and about as close to SAB as BCVs get. And no mucking around with long hallways and elevators.

Get to SAB by 10 if you want a good spot. Ask for Rocky the pool waitress to bring you a cocktail and relax. SAB is the best IMO.

There are scenic places to take pictures all over the place. Especially around Crescent Lake.


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