Best Non-Disney Ride You've Ridden

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Best Non-Disney Ride You've Ridden

What is the best non-Disney ride you've ridden:

1.) In Orlando?
2.) Anywhere?

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Good question. It'll be interesting to see what others come up with

1.) Probably Men in Black
2.) The swan boats in Boston (does that count?). We love those.




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1) NA - Haven't ridden any non-Disney rides in Orlando yet.
2) Thunderhead at Dollywood. I have a lot of favorites, but that one is tops.

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I really liked the Kraken at SeaWorld and also a ride called WildFire at Silver Dollar City.

I thought I was going to like Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but I wasn't crazy about it.

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I love the newest roller coaster at Dollywood, Wild Eagle.
Also, I love Kraken & Manta at Seaworld.
And prettymuch all of the roller coasters at Busch Gardens.

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Popeye and bluto's rat barges

Sheikra in Busch


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Spiderman at IoA, Disney should have a ride like this!
The Mummy at Universal, great story telling.


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The Simsons at Universal, funniest ride ever.

Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster, even though I got bugs in my teeth while riding it, I'd have to say this is the most impressive thrill ride I have ever done.

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In Orlando: Disaster at Universal Studios. The only Universal ride (that I could handle due to motion sickness) that was MORE fun than the Disney equivalent.

Outside Orlando: Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge at Hersheypark. It's like a budget version of Buzz Lightyear at MK. I got high score once, back when the ride was new and they posted scores. I'm also a big fan of Hersheypark's Wild Mouse, the only roller coaster that doesn't make me queasy.

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In Orlando - The harry potter ride

outside of Disney - Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America outside of Chicago. That coaster is great- I once rode it 5 times in a row without getting off the ride. (right before close on a really rainy day)

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In Orlando - Men In Black
Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio - Millenium Force


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I love the HP ride at UniStu, outside of Orlando The Millineum coaster at Cedar Point or zip lining in the Dominican Republic.


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Thunderbolt at Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh. Love the old wooden coasters. My other favorite there was the Steel Phantom but it's been changed to Phantom's Revenge. I haven't ridden it since it changed.


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1) I don't remember.
2) I love the potato sack slide we have at our annual fair

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There are non-DIsney rides? wink

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1) Men in Black, too!
2) Big Bad Wolf in Busch Gardens - VA.

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1) Mummy ride at Universal.. It was WELL worth the wait!

2) Does anyone remember Opryland in Nashville??? I loved the rides there.. The Hangman was so fun! I think Dolly Parton is building a new park where Opryland used to be... so exciting!!


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emmaanne wrote:

2) Does anyone remember Opryland in Nashville??? I loved the rides there.. The Hangman was so fun! I think Dolly Parton is building a new park where Opryland used to be... so exciting!!

Ooh! Ooh! I remember Opryland! Went there as a kid. Didn't know about Opryland 2.0, so thanks for the heads up! Will have to do some research on that!

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In Orlando: Spider-Man and The Mummy (Universal Orlando)
Anywhere: Tower of Terror (WDW)

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In Orlando: Jaws at Universal
Anywhere: Sky Whirl at Six Flags Great America (it's relaxing)

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Definitely the Dueling Dragons ride at Islands of Adventure! I haven't been on it since it was in it's original form back before Harry Potter World, but I heard that they no longer set them off at the same time which was the best part of the ride Sad( Sad( Sad(

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I like the Bizzarro Coaster at our six flags and also big bad wolf at busch gardens, va.


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I like The Manta at SeaWorld - it's the one where you hang from your back. I also like Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey in IoA!


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Mase wrote:

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! yay I also like The Volcano outside of Richmond VA at Kings Dominion.


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SuperMan at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio! Crazy fun ride!