Best Pizza In Disney?

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Best Pizza In Disney?

Now pizza is one of my favorite foods but sadly, my experience with pizza has been limited. I've only had the CS pizza at Pizza Planet and Pizzafari and well, I don't dislike it per say but at the same time, it's nothing really special. I know Via Napoli is one the overwhelming favorites for pizza but my understanding is that the Neapolitan style pizza does not suit everyone's tastes. There's also pizza at Wolfgang Puck Express and also Splitsville. So while I am not expecting Disney World pizza to be miles better than my favorite local pizza joint, I must ask: If, for whatever reason, I'm craving pizza in Disney, where should I go?


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I've only had Pizza Planet (eh, nothing fabulous), the flatbreads @ Pinocchio's Village Haus (I love these, but I get the caprese, so not REALLY pizza) and Via Napoli (excellently fabulously delicious, huge, sharable, great value for Disney park food--$4/slice, but very large slices). Of the tree, if I'm craving a traditional pizza, it's Via Napoli all the way!

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Via Napoli as far as I'm concerned has the only really "good" Pizza on property. But it all about what you like.

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I prefer Chicago style pizza - I can't get that at Disney. As far as satisfying a craving for my favorite food when at Disney I go with Via Napoli. Though that style of pizza is not the one I prefer, it's pretty dern good for what it is.

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mrhub wrote:
Via Napoli as far as I'm concerned has the only really "good" Pizza on property. But it all about what you like.

Yep! Agreed Smile


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We had pizza from the Boardwalk Pizza window in September and I liked it and would have it again. There's a picture of it in our September trip report. We have also had pizza at Via Napoli back in 2012. I can't remember what one we had, but it was ok. We haven't been back but most people on the site like that one. I would be keen to try it again.

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Here's a photo of the pizza at the Boardwalk. It was pretty good. Definitely not the best pizza I've had, but it hit the spot that night. awesome

The funny thing was they would sell you a veggie or a meat pizza. I wanted veggies AND meat on it. They would easily do veggies on one half and meat on the other. But I wanted them both spread over the entire pizza. Just like ordering a deluxe pizza at home. They looked absolutely confused when I request it. They ended up doing it, but it was like I was ordering a pizza on Mars. LOL.

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I haven't had via Napoli just yet (next trip!) but I do particularly enjoy Wolfgang Puck's in the Marketplace. Is it the best ever? No, but it's REALLY good. I stay away from CS pizza both at the resort and in the parks, b/c well, it's gross.

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I was thinking about skipping over Via Napoli next trip because I was thinking my sister and I may want to do something other than just pizza, but this thread has me thinking otherwise.


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We didn't try the pizza, but the menu items we did order were amazing! They do the trattoria style woodburning oven pizza, which I personally love. located @ DTD / Disney Springs.


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Via Napoli ends up being one of the most affordable meals on property AND it's good. Like, really good. And I like the restaurant itself.


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Loved Via Napoli's!


Loved Wolfgang Puck Westside!

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My vote goes to the Mezzo Metro at VN...

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I know to never get pizza from pizza planet again. Ew gross!


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I've had via Napoli, Puck, and Boardwalk and VN was the clear winner. It's not Spumoni Garden but it will have to do.

I think VN is a runaway winner.


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Ooohhhh..Please..Stop talking about VN...The Mezzo Metro is in my mind...

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