Best time to go in December or November for less crowds?

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Best time to go in December or November for less crowds?

I've heard that the first week in December is a great time to go to WDW, less crowds. Has anyone found that to be the case? Also, if you were planning on going in November but didn't want to battle the TDay crowds, when should you go? Thanks!

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Yes. My parents go almost every year the first week in December and it has been the least crowded. We also went the second week in December when I was in college and it was still pretty calm. Such a great time to go! You never know what you are going to get in terms of weather- some years we have been swimming and some years we have been in sweatshirts. Other than this year when I had a set time to go- I plan to go that week whenever possible. Have fun!


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we went the 2nd week in december last year ..and was an awesome week... few crowds 15 minute wait on most rides we decided to go again this year on the 2nd week of december mickey


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We've been that week twice. It's great, minimal crowds and the christmas decorations are at full strength.


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We've also gone in early December and had pretty much the smallest crowds we've ever seen. For November, go early in the month, but keep an eye on the crowd calendars - Epcot can get really crowded toward the end of the Food and Wine Festival.

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We always go either the week before or after Thanksgiving. We enjoy after because the decorations are usually up for Christmas.


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I am looking forward to the week of Thanksgiving....several days before and a couple after....the decorations will be up I hear. Hopefully the crowds are not rough. Can't get down before Christmas any other time... mickey

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